You will like Horse Trick Training if….

    • Your horse is a friend not “just a horse”.
    • You like your horse to enjoy being with you.
    • It’s not just about riding – you want to do other things with your horse.
    • You want your horse to be calm when introduced to new things.
    • You want to increase your horse’s attention and focus.
    • You are interested in learning how horse’s learn.
    • You want to improve communication & the bond with your horse.

Hi, thanks for stopping by… I’m Jain & this is my friend / trick horse ‘Trigger’.

We hope you like all the trick training information, videos and ebooks that we have on this site.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Trigger is an expert on just about everything!  :-)

What’s available on this site for you….

FREE Horse Trick Tips

Just fill in the form in the right sidebar (or below this post) and we will email you regular FREE trick training tips.

Horse Trick Training eBook

If you’d like to see if trick training is something you and your horse would like to do then read the eBook available from our Products Page.  It covers all the things you need to do to get started.

Horse Tricks Academy

If you’d like to get started straight away then join the Horse Tricks Academy.

The Horse Tricks Academy is an online place where you and your horse can work through all the steps to learn lots of different tricks.   We show you how to teach your horse simple movements that can then be joined together to form tricks. There will be videos, photos & step-by-step instructions that you can print out.

We also show you Bella, our new trick horse, learning tricks from the beginning, so you can watch a horse just starting out. The way we teach is very kind and really helps to build communication and a bond with your horse.

We also have a special Facebook Group where members are sharing videos & photos of their progress.  Every day we talk about new ideas, problems and their solutions, horse toys and lots of other fun and interesting things.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact Page on this website.

Happy Tricks!


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    • Horse Tricks 101 says

      Hi Linda, I hope you have received your ebook by now. Please send me a quick email via the contact form on our website if you haven’t and I will send one straight away :) Jain.

  1. Jacqueline says

    Hello :) I’ve been wanting to start doing different stuff with my horse for a while and just at random times I might go out to him and try out a few tricks like kiss following and bow using either hay or carrots and apples for treats but I found out yesterday that he absolutely loves licorise and he works so much better with that as the reward but I’m starting to do it more and I don’t what to use licorise at the treat all the time because I don’t think it would be very good for him on a more regular basis. Do u have any ideas for treats I can use that can be used on a regular basis either store bought, home made or gown? Thanks jackie. :)

    • Horse Tricks 101 says

      Hi Jackie,

      Good on you for doing different things with your horse :) They really enjoy the variety.

      It’s good to find a treat that your horse really likes. As you found out, they try harder to earn these treats :)

      I like to use 2 types of treats for horse training. The general one that I use most of the time. It needs to be healthy and okay for my horse to eat lots of them. Trigger & Bella both LOVE carrots, so I can use these for my ‘general’ treats.

      I also have a ‘special’ treat that I use when they do something really well, or try super hard. I bake little biscuits that have ingredients like apple sauce or molasses for my ‘special’ treats.

      I’ve written a little ebook with some ideas for trick training treats. You can get a copy from our products page:

      Happy tricks!


  2. Mary and Jewlz says

    Hi, I got the form to fill out about my horse and I don’t know what to do next….. Can you please help???

    • Horse Tricks 101 says

      Hi Mary and Jewlz,

      Have you watched the video about doing a trick training assessment? You should have got a link to it when you signed up :)

      If you think you might like this sort of training and want to teach your horse tricks you might want to download the ebook from our products page. This shows you how to teach your horse a simple trick.

      Happy tricks!

      Jain, Trigger & Bella.

  3. Pia Barber says

    Hi Jain,

    I have a 6 month old weanling called Boo. Is it too soon to start trick training? She’s very responsive and is halter trained, will lead (even from another horse), ties, picks up feet etc. Where should we start out as she’s still very little.


    • Horse Tricks 101 says

      Hi Pia,

      It’s really good that you have started training Boo early. Because of your training she sounds like a well balanced, calm individual and it will make it SO much easier when it comes time to teach her to be ridden.

      I have taught foals to do tricks. I find they love the challenge and it really improves communication and the bond I have with them. I just wouldn’t do any tricks that would put any strain on her growing legs or body such as bowing. I would also make sure that she understands the rules around treats. That way she will be well mannered around food and won’t become nippy.

      Most importantly have fun (both of you).

      Jain, Trigger & Bella.

    • Horse Tricks 101 says

      Hi Michelle,
      I like to teach young foals simple tricks. They enjoy tricks, it helps to build a bond with them and it will help with later training. Just give your foal time to bond with their mother and explore the world. You could start with very simple tricks as early as a month old. Make sure also that you don’t ask the foal to do anything that might strain growing limbs or their body. Have fun! Jain, Trigger & Bella.

  4. Acey says

    I’ve recently taught my pony to paw and back up. I’ve turned backing into a kind of trick, and I point behind me and walk backwards. We have got pretty good, and we can back about 4 metres. But I’m not sure if Pony understands the difference in my cues or which trick to do, and she only does them when I have treats. She also sometimes throws her head in the air when I ask for the paw, but still paws for me. I’m not sure if this is a “oh I get it” head throw or a “omg your annoying, I’m only doing it for the treat” head throw. Can you help me?
    Thankyou, Acey :)

    • Horse Tricks 101 says

      Hi Acey and Pony :)

      The backing sounds really good… 4 metres is excellent!

      Re: cues. You need to be really clear and use exactly the same one each time. It’s hard and I find myself getting a bit sloppy with my cues and have to correct myself. You also need to tell her the INSTANT that she does the right thing. Do you use a Marker? I click my tongue but you can use a special word or sound that “marks” the correct behavior. This is super important. Otherwise horses can get confused and not understand exactly what you want them to do.

      When she throws her head into the air this could be because she thinks this is part of the trick? Or she might be getting a bit frustrated? You could try teaching her to do something that is the opposite to throwing her head in the air. For example teach her to drop her head a bit when she paws. I don’t ever like to punish my horses for doing the wrong thing – otherwise they can stop trying and learning. I’d rather think of a way to teach them how to do the right thing :)

      Re: treats. I nearly always train with treats. It keeps my horses really motivated to learn. But I make it harder and harder for them to get a treat. For example in the beginning they get a treat for even a little try but later on they have to do a trick for longer / further / better to earn a treat.

      Happy tricks!

      Jain, Trigger & Bella.

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