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[FAQ] Is My Horse Too Old To Learn Tricks?

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Just had someone ask me: “Is my horse too old to learn tricks?” Well, let’s have a chat about it, with our star, Trigger, as our guiding example!

Meet Trigger, a charming 18-year-old who recently began his trick training journey. Starting at 18, you may think he’s a bit late to the game, but let me assure you, it’s never too late for our equine friends to learn new skills!

Is my horse too old to learn tricks?

The trick in the picture is known as a ‘Simple Bow’, which is an excellent exercise for older horses like Trigger. It’s a gentle maneuver that’s easy on their limbs and backs, keeping them active without straining them. And it looks lovely!

Remember, trick training isn’t just about learning clever moves, but it’s also an amazing way to interact with your horse, mentally stimulate them, and keep them engaged, especially if they aren’t involved in heavy-duty activities anymore.

An older horse can learn the following tricks:

  • Simple Bow
  • Kiss
  • Hug
  • Fetch
  • Smile
  • Ring a Bell
  • Problem solving tricks like choosing a color
  • and many others!

You can also teach your older horse lots of useful tricks, to make life easier for you and them. Trot over here to learn more about… USEFUL TRICKS

So, the answer to the question is – No, your horse is never too old to learn tricks!

Make the training process fun, interesting, and always be respectful of your horse’s physical capabilities.

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