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Help! The neighbors think I’m crazy!

Every morning I head out to my horse’s paddock loaded up with balls, hula hoops, traffic cones, and other toys.

My horses see me coming and run over to say hello and investigate what I’m carrying.

Horse Tricks Hula Hoop

I sometimes wonder what the neighbors think.  They have ‘normal’ horses and are doing ‘normal’ things with them.

In contrast, I’m running around the paddock, jumping up and down, waving my hands around while laughing, and asking my horses to do all sorts of ‘strange’ things.  My horses play ‘fetch’, stand on boxes, and give me hugs and kisses.

But it seems I’m not the only one who wonders what the neighbors think.

We get lots of emails and comments from folk who have discovered the joy of playing with their horses.  They tell us that their relationship has really improved since they started playing with their horses.

There is now a lot of joy and laughter in their training 🙂

However, they also tell us that they get strange looks from their neighbors or the other boarders.

We would just like to say… play and have fun!

It’s okay! There are a lot of us doing the same thing! 🙂

One day the rest of the horse world will realize that having fun and playing with their horses has HUGE benefits and everyone will be doing it!

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6 thoughts on “Help! The neighbors think I’m crazy!”

  1. Same here!! ”Normal”” horsie neighbors.I currently have a bomb-proofing course set up at the end of my garden for Harvey,he can be spooky so its great to get him used to stuff!!This includes umbrellas,footballs,tarpaulin,ballons,teddy bears(and ones that can make a sound as well)and does coloured ball pit balls with a barrel on either side!The snobby,horsie neighbors ride past quiet often they think I’m nuts!

    1. That’s excellent Belle! I wish everyone would build bomb-proofing courses 🙂 It is a wonderful way to get our horses used to scary stuff at home before we take them out. Lucky Harvey! 🙂

  2. I love this website. Do you mind explaining on how you teach your horse to hula hoop? I saw the picture, :), and wanted to try it with my 7 year old buckskin. Thank you!

    1. Hi Morgan,
      Thanks. Good to hear you like this website 🙂
      As with all tricks you just need to break the Hula Hoop trick up into lots of small parts. First you need to teach your horse to touch a hula hoop and not be scared of it. Each day practice for just a few minutes until you can put the hoop over your horses head. Then get your horse used to wearing it and walking around with it. I use a cardboard one when I first train my horses so that it will break easily if they get caught up. I can lead my horses and turn them just using the hoop. Once they are really happy to wear the hoop I then teach them to say “yes”. Then I combine ‘Yes” while they are wearing the hoop. Some horses will move the hoop up and down just a bit but others will work out that they can twirl it and will have fun spinning it 🙂
      Happy tricks! Jain & Trigger.

      1. Wow thank you so much for this! I will deffinately try it with my boy. He already knows how to say “yes” so its already a headstart

        1. Hi Claudette,

          If your horse likes to do things that are tricks or could be turned into tricks then that is a great place to start. Most horses have favorite things they like to do. For example Trigger likes tricks that use his head, like yes and kiss. Bella prefers leg tricks like counting and dancing.

          Have fun 🙂


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