The Art of Doing Nothing With Horses

We always seem to feel the need to ‘do something’ with our horses. We must be riding them, training them, grooming them, rugging them, feeding them.

But have a look out in your horses paddock and you will see your horses doing nothing much at all. They spend a lot of time just standing around near each other. Sometimes there is a bit of mutual grooming or standing head to tail to keep the flies away but horses really like just standing around together having a snooze.

Have you ever been out into your horse’s paddock and just stood with them? No agenda. Just see what happens. Mine usually check me out for my treat bag and when they realize this isn’t a horse training session they will rest a foot and just stand next to me. Or move into position for a scratch in a favorite spot.

Most of us enjoy spending some relaxing time with our dogs. We are happy just to scratch a belly or pat a head for a while. It’s an excellent way to increase the bond with our animals.  Why not do the same with your horses?


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