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The Art of Doing Nothing With Horses

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Try spending some time ‘doing nothing’ with your horse each week. It will have a positive effect on all aspects of your training and relationship.

With our busy schedules, we often have “just enough time” with our horses. Just enough time to quickly brush and get in a quick ride, just enough time to lunge so they’ll have exercise.

As humans tend to be goal-oriented, we generally feel the need to “do something” with our horses. Horses, on the other hand, enjoy doing nothing!

Each week try spending some time ‘doing nothing’ with your horse.

This can be such a special bonding time because you are asking for nothing and expecting nothing. You are there to accept whatever your horse wants to give you.

If your schedule is a hectic and demanding one, this is an excellent time for you to relax as you experience the calm and gentle spirit of your horse.

What might happen when you do nothing?

The first time you go out to just spend time with your horse, it might be confusing to him. He will notice the difference in your attitude. He will sense that today, there will be no saddle and bridle or activities. Today, there is no agenda, no expectations, no work.

Your horse may come over to you or he may not. It doesn’t matter. He will be very aware that you are there. You will have made a subtle change to your relationship with your horse.

No longer are you the human that always asks him to do something, to work, or to be active. You are now the friend that he can relax with and just be a horse.

What to do when you are ‘doing nothing’…


Observe your horse interacting with their herd or even with another animal.   Watch his body language.  How does he communicate his needs and wants?



We all know there is nothing that smells as good as a horse 🙂 Inhale every delicious moment as you’re aware of him, his smell, and the freshness of being outdoors in “his” area.




Feel the breeze gently blow through your hair; maybe it is ruffling your horse’s mane. Perhaps the sun is shining through a chilled winter day. Maybe you are sitting under a big tree enjoying the shade from a hot summer day. Let yourself feel the beauty of this moment.



Listen to the sounds in your horse’s paddock. If he’s close enough, hear his breathing. Hear the sound of him munching on grass or hay. Their rhythmic chewing is so very peaceful and relaxing.


As you spend time doing nothing with your horse, you will quickly realize how he sees you differently, and he will appreciate your efforts to connect with him on a more personal level.

‘Doing nothing’ can be so rewarding, for both you and your horse and will have a positive effect on all aspects of your training and relationship.

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