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Could Your Horse Speak Spanish?

Use special training wordsThe words you use to cue your horse to do tricks need to be words that you DO NOT use at any other time.

Humans tend to chatter around horses and this can sound like general noise to our horses. If you don’t use special words for cues they will get lost in this noise and it tends to dilute their effect.

We recently received a clever suggestion on our Facebook Page:

Use words from languages other than your native language for cue words. 

For example, if you speak English around your horse most of the time, use Spanish words for your cue words. They sound very different from the English version and you are unlikely to use them at other times.

Some useful trick training words in Spanish are:

  • Good = Bien
  • Touch = Toca
  • Kiss = Beso

Most importantly, reserve your cues words for when you are teaching your horse tricks and don’t use them at other times. That way your horse will know when you really want them to do something and they will learn a lot faster.

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2 thoughts on “Could Your Horse Speak Spanish?”

    1. Hi Jenna,

      I hope you got my email about this. But just in case you didn’t, there is a copy below…

      Happy tricks!


      Hi Jenna,

      Trigger used to be a barrel racer before I got him. I don’t know much about the sport but he only had 2 speeds when I got him… jog, or gallop. It took me ages to get him to walk or just stand relaxed.

      I’d highly recommend teaching her some simple tricks. It really gets their brains working and can help to improve the communication and bond between the two of you.

      There are lots of simple tricks you can teach her. My favorite is ‘Touch’. You just ask her to touch an item, like a ball or I use a target. Then you can use this to teach her lots of other tricks like kiss, hug, fetch etc.

      Here’s a short video on how to make a target….

      Hope that helps a bit.


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