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How Many Ways Can Your Horse Back?

The more ways you can teach your horse to do simple movements like backing, the more building blocks you will have to build your own tricks.

Trigger now understands 5 different ways of backing and I can use these different movements to teach him more advanced tricks.

It gets easier and easier to teach him new tricks because he has this basic understanding.

To see Trigger’s 5 ways of backing watch this short video:

2 thoughts on “How Many Ways Can Your Horse Back?”

    1. Hi Alex,

      The first trick I like to teach my horses is to touch an item with their nose. It’s simple to teach and the horse will learn all the basics of trick training.

      It is also the beginning of tricks like hug, kiss and fetch. I use a pool noodle on the end of a whip. Here’s a video I made about this:

      Have fun 🙂

      Jain, Trigger & Bella.

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