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Horse Play Equipment and Toys

Playing with your horse engages his/her brain, improves communication between you two, helps your horse become used to new and different things, and is good fun for both of you! 🙂

Here are some ideas for equipment and toys that will make training really enjoyable for you and your horse.

Most items are cheap and easy to find.  (My favorite horse ball only cost $5).

Once you start looking, you will find suitable equipment and toys everywhere! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Horse Play Equipment and Toys”

  1. I get a milk gallon jug clean it well punch several holes in it and I place carrots in all the holes and hang it in his store I make sure that the carrots are firmly in the holes so it takes some time to get them out they will do this for a nice period of time my horse always gets excited when he sees him milk jug great for rainy days 🤗

  2. My horses like for me to make them a toy/treat dispenser out of an empty CLEAN 2Liter or 3Liter soda bottle, or Gallon Jug. Choose your treat, cut hole or holes into the jug, insert treats making sure they will fall out when the jug is rolled & pushed around. At First, the holes should be larger & treats should come out w very little effort til Horse gets the hang of it. Alfalfa Cubes are great for this.

    1. That is great! Can’t wait to try this I have 4 horses I guess I will have to make 4 and put homemade horse cookie in them or roll them up into balls and bake them

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