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Turning Scary Things into Fun Things

One of the best tricks to teach your horse is ‘touch’. It is SO simple but has many uses.

You can use ‘touch’ to help your horse accept and approach scary objects.

It works like magic!

In this video, Bella and I were practicing walking onto a plastic board. She was okay when the board was on the ground but when it moved!!…


So I used ‘touch’ to get her used to the board and then we turned it into a game.

The SCARY thing became a FUN thing! 🙂

If you only teach your horse one trick… make sure it is ‘touch’. There are SO many things you can do with this simple trick.

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5 thoughts on “Turning Scary Things into Fun Things”

  1. I love that!!! I started to click and treat my VERY fearful, 18 year-old, Arabian rescue gelding a couple of years ago for touching things he was clearly afraid of with his nose. At first it would take well over ten minutes for him to gather up the courage, but now it rarely takes a whole minute! Now he goes around touching things with his nose every day. It HAS become a game, and curiosity is the opposite of fear, he is so much happier now, and much, much less fearful! I haven’t got him to actually chase something he was afraid of… that is so cool that your mare made up her own game!

    1. That is wonderful to hear Kimberly! 🙂 Totally agree…. ‘curiosity is the opposite of fear’. Keep having fun! Jain.

    1. Yes 🙂 Most times I train my horses the Cow Audience is watching. I have started doing a bit of training with them because they seem so interested. Jain.

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