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Thinking of your horse as behaving badly…

Do you ever think that your horse is so naughty! Why does he have to behave so badly! What a rotten animal! There are all sorts of names we call them that let others know just how awful they can be. Most of the time we say them in jest, we laugh them off as an endearment almost.

How do those thoughts and names make us feel though?

When we think of our horses as being ‘bad’ it predisposes us to treat them that way. A naughty horse needs to be corrected, punished even.

What if we thought about it differently?

Horses are seldom purposely naughty. Most of the time they are confused about what we want from them, scared of being away from friends, afraid of something in their environment, or they want to return to where they know there is food, shelter, safety.

What if instead of thinking about how rotten our horse is being, we took a step back and thought about things from their perspective. If we pause and consider what could be causing the behavior and how we could help them to find a solution, we wouldn’t find ourselves at odds with our horses. We may even find ourselves sympathizing.

How we phrase our thoughts affects the way we think about things. Life is easier for all if we look for solutions instead of thinking that our horse is naughty.

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