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[FAQ] What are the best tricks to teach my horse?

Easy. Just start with something that your horse does naturally.

This will usually be a behavior that they enjoy or do in response to something going on around them. It is much easier to use a behavior your horse already does and build on it to create a trick.


Watch your horse, particularly around feed time, to see if something they do could be turned into a trick.

My trainee trick horse, Bella, loves to pick things up. If I leave anything lying around, she will pick it up, play with it or throw it. So she should enjoy tricks like fetching or taking a hat off my head or a handkerchief out of my pocket.

Some good starting points for tricks:

  • Picking things up = fetch
  • Pawing = counting, Spanish walk
  • Nudging = pushing a ball or barrel along
  • Shaking head = answer a question “yes” or “no”
  • Follows you = liberty work, dancing

Over the next few days, watch your horse and notice anything they do that could be the beginning of a trick.

You might be surprised to find out how many ‘tricks’ your horse is already doing!

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