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15 Engaging Activities for You and Your Horse in Any Weather

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Too Cold ❄️, Windy 💨, or Rainy 🌧️ to Ride? Don’t Let Bad Weather Dampen Your Spirits! 

Even when the weather isn’t ideal for riding, there’s a whole world of activities you can enjoy with your horse. From grooming to ground training, there are numerous ways to deepen your bond and keep your horse engaged without getting in the saddle 🐴. 

Embrace these moments to explore new and creative ways to interact with your equine companion. 

Let’s dive into 15 heartwarming activities that are perfect for those chilly, blustery, or wet days!

1. Grooming Sessions

Spend time thoroughly grooming your horse. This not only keeps the horse clean but also helps in inspecting for any health issues. It’s a great way for physical bonding and relaxation. 

For extra connection, discover your horse’s favorite scratching spots. Most horses love having their withers scratched but try other places like inside their ears or under their belly.

2. Groundwork Training

Work on groundwork exercises in a small yard or stable area. This can include teaching new commands, refining existing ones, or practicing leading exercises. For more Groundwork ideas trot over HERE

3. Playful Interaction

Engage in playful activities like hide-and-seek with treats, or playing with a favorite toy or object. It’s a fun way to strengthen your bond.

4. Desensitization Training

Use this time to gently expose your horse to new objects or sounds in a controlled environment, which can help them become more confident and trusting of you.

5. Massage and Stretching

Learn equine massage techniques or gentle stretching exercises. This not only helps in relaxation but also in improving the horse’s flexibility and circulation.

6. Clicker Training

Implement clicker training to teach your horse new tricks or behaviors. It’s an effective way to enhance communication and cognitive skills. For 10 Simple Tricks you could teach your horse using this method trot over HERE.

7. Obstacle Courses

Set up simple obstacle courses in the yard or stable area. This could include walking over poles, stepping through tires, or navigating around cones.

8. Quiet Companionship

Simply spend time with your horse, reading a book or listening to music near them. This quiet companionship can be very calming for both you and the horse.

9. Feeding and Treat Preparation

Prepare special treats or meals, using different but horse safe ingredients.  This can be an engaging sensory activity for your horse.  For a yummy treat most horses love trot over HERE.

10. Teaching Patience and Manners

Practice exercises that encourage patience, like standing still while being tied or waiting calmly for food. This reinforces good manners.  For more on teaching Food Manners trot over HERE.

11. Teach New Vocal Commands

Spend time working on vocal commands. This can range from simple commands like ‘come’, ‘stay’, or ‘back’, to more complex sequences. This not only improves communication but also stimulates your horse’s mental capabilities.

12. Create a Sensory Trail

In a safe, enclosed area, set up a sensory trail with different textures and objects for your horse to explore. This could include walking over different materials like sand, gravel, or mats, and introducing them to gentle, unfamiliar sounds or sights. This enhances their curiosity and trust in new environments.

13. Practice Loading into a Trailer

Use this time to practice calmly loading and unloading from a trailer. This can often be a stressful experience for horses, so practicing in a no-pressure situation can be very beneficial.

14. Photography Session

Have a photography session with your horse. This can be a fun way to capture memories and also get your horse accustomed to different sounds and movements, like the camera shutter or the photographer moving around. You can also create a scrapbook of wonderful memories.

15. Horse Puzzles and Games

Create simple puzzles or games for your horse, like hiding treats in different locations or creating a simple maze with barriers. This encourages problem-solving skills and provides mental stimulation.

These activities not only keep you and your horse engaged during less-than-ideal weather conditions but also add variety and fun to your usual routine, further strengthening your bond.

Inside HORSE TRICKS CLUB you’ll find 100’s of creative and engaging activities that are perfect for any weather!

Enhance the bond, connection, and communication with your horse through our unique and enjoyable methods. 


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