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5 Signs to Skip the Saddle and Focus on Groundwork

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NEVER go out for a ride if you are worried your horse might not do what you ask. You need to be sure you and your horse have an excellent connection before heading to places where you will likely meet new things and situations. Otherwise it is very unsafe for you and your horse!

Here are five reasons why a person should consider focusing on groundwork instead of riding:

1. Horse Won’t Stand Still at the Mounting Block

If your horse is fidgety or anxious when you’re trying to mount, it’s a sign that they may not be mentally or emotionally ready for a ride. Groundwork can help build patience and teach your horse to stay calm and still at the mounting block.

2. Horse is Easily Spooked by New Things

If your horse tends to be nervous or overreacts to new stimuli, groundwork exercises can be invaluable. Desensitization training, part of groundwork, helps them to gradually get accustomed to different sights, sounds, and experiences in a controlled environment.

3. Horse Doesn’t Listen to Rider’s Commands

A horse that isn’t responsive to cues during riding can be a safety risk. Groundwork helps in reinforcing commands and improving the horse’s attentiveness to the rider’s instructions, ensuring a safer and more responsive ride.

4. Lack of Trust or Connection

If there’s a noticeable lack of trust or bond between the horse and rider, groundwork can be a great way to strengthen this connection. Activities that focus on communication and mutual trust can greatly improve the relationship, making riding more enjoyable and safer.

5. Horse is Too Energetic or Unfocused

Sometimes, horses can be excessively energetic or lack focus, making riding challenging and potentially unsafe. Groundwork can help in channeling this energy positively and enhancing the horse’s focus before any riding activity.

In each of these scenarios, groundwork offers a beneficial alternative to riding, allowing for the development of a stronger, safer, and more enjoyable partnership between horse and rider.

If you’re facing any of these challenges with your horse, or if you’re simply looking to enhance your groundwork routine, you’re in luck!

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