21 Things You Will Discover in the Horse Tricks Academy

Here are just some of the things you will discover in the Horse Tricks Academy.  There are SO many different things that you and your horse can do together!

The Academy is open for new members to August 9 only.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Simple Tricks

1 Hug
2 Kiss
3 Yes
4 Catch
5 Twirl
6 Backing at liberty
7 Simple Bow

Advanced Tricks

8 Get up on a pedestal
9 Spanish Walk
10 Side Pass

Useful Tricks

11 Easy de-worming
12 Put hoof on stand for farrier
13 Approaching scary things

Horse Treat Recipes

14 Calming Chamomile Hearts
15 Sunflower Garden in a Poop Treat
16 Treats for Training eBook

Guest Trainers

17 Cassie teaching – Ring on a Cone
18 Bern teaching – Lay Down

Toys, Equipment and Product Reviews

19 Treat Pouches
20 Balls

Fun Supportive Community

21 Private Facebook Group with over 400 members

Plus each month there will be new tricks and activities for you and your horse to discover!



(We only open the Academy to new members a few times a year)

The Horse Tricks Academy is an interactive online training program that will take you and your horse step-by-step from simple tricks to doing wonderful things together!

Plus you will have access to a community of like-minded people (400+) who provide lots of fun and support.