FREE LIVE WEBINAR: 5 Simple Steps to Teach Your Horse Anything!

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April 11
1:00pm to 2.00pm
(US Pacific Time)

What You'll Learn on this LIVE Call:

  • How to Teach Your Horse Anything Using FIVE SIMPLE STEPS
  • Using Tricks to Help Your Horse Learn GOOD MANNERS
  • The Advantages of Training with REWARDS
  • How to Make Training FUN for You and Your Horse

PLUS Get Your Questions Answered:

Got questions about training your horse?

  • Need guidance on a specific training challenge?
  • Looking for tips on how to begin teaching your horse something new?

We’ve got you covered in the webinar. Feel free to send us your questions ahead of time when you register, or ask them during the live session.

5 Simple Steps

with the Horse Tricks Club Team