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About the Horse Tricks Herd

We are a group of horse lovers (800+ members) from all around the world.

Most of us came from traditional horse training backgrounds, but we always felt there must be a kinder and more positive way to train our horses.

We have now discovered a new way to be with our horses.  A way that creates an amazing bond with our favorite equines.

We would love it if you joined us on this journey…

The Horse Tricks Herd



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Horse Tricks Club Team


Noche grew up riding horses. She was lucky to have a mother who shared her love of horses and always encouraged training with kindness. She now spends her time retraining horses who have had bad starts in life and helping them learn to enjoy interacting with people again. Noche lives on a farm with her family in the western US. She enjoys teaching her ranch horses tricks because she has found that trick training makes them happier and better at their jobs.


Ineke was a city girl who came to horses late in life. She was blessed with two horses but wished she could communicate with them. Her world opened up when she found Reward Based Training. She discovered a secret language. She has since been able to fine-tune her ability to connect with horses. She found that if she listened to and respected the horse, everything else fell into place. She now enjoys living a quiet rural life in Australia with her herd of four horses. She uses this method to teach everything from husbandry to fun tricks, riding, and agility.


Trainer / Admin
Jain has worked in the horse industry for most of her life. Her jobs include assistant to a top racehorse trainer, trail ride leader, and supervisor at a large equine veterinarian practice. She studied Advanced Equine Behavior at University and applies the science of how animals learn to all her training. Jain lives in Australia with various furry and feathered creatures who help her discover the best way to train animals.


Community Manager
Heather is a lifelong lover of horses. She learned about training with Natural horsemanship in college, but her dream of having a horse of her own wasn’t realized until she met her husband. Now they ranch together while raising their four children. While raising children, Heather learned about other methods of training horses and children. That brought her to more gentile methods with both. Always skilled with a computer, Heather now brings her horse training philosophies and computer abilities to Horse Tricks Club. She works behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. Her favorite thing to do is to help people who are overwhelmed find their way through the course, using the same gentle training and understanding ways that she enjoys using on horses.

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