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One Simple Trick for a Braver Calmer Horse

When horses get scared, they can’t think clearly. Their main instinct is to flee! For a horse to learn well, they need to be calm. Old-school horse training often tells us to push horses towards scary things with flags and whips. But this isn’t a good idea. It can make horses more scared and be […]

Activities for Smart Horses: Engage Your Horse’s Brain

Do you have a smart horse? Keeping them occupied and interested can be a real challenge! However, discovering activities that captivate their interest not only stimulates their brain but also ensures their happiness. Below are some enriching ideas to teach your clever equine companion… 1. Teach Them To Choose Between Different Colored Objects Encouraging your […]

7 Ways To Gain Your Horse’s Trust

Trust is key in your relationship with your horse. When a horse trusts you, they look to you for guidance, especially in unfamiliar situations. A horse that trusts its human companion is calmer, more confident, and better equipped to handle new challenges. Follow these 7 simple steps to build a strong, trust-filled relationship with your […]

5 Signs to Skip the Saddle and Focus on Groundwork

NEVER go out for a ride if you are worried your horse might not do what you ask. You need to be sure you and your horse have an excellent connection before heading to places where you will likely meet new things and situations. Otherwise it is very unsafe for you and your horse! Here […]

15 Engaging Activities for You and Your Horse in Any Weather

Too Cold ❄️, Windy 💨, or Rainy 🌧️ to Ride? Don’t Let Bad Weather Dampen Your Spirits!  Even when the weather isn’t ideal for riding, there’s a whole world of activities you can enjoy with your horse. From grooming to ground training, there are numerous ways to deepen your bond and keep your horse engaged […]

15 Fun and Interesting Groundwork Ideas for You and Your Horse

Horse groundwork ideas

Before you go riding, spend time on your groundwork. Your rides will be safer and much more fun (for you and your horse). NEVER go out for a ride if you are worried your horse might not do what you ask. You need to be sure you and your horse have an excellent connection before […]

Help Your Horse To Learn New Tasks Easily

Most horses enjoy learning and working things out (just like us humans). But if a task is too difficult, the horse can become frustrated or confused. To avoid this, make learning easy and enjoyable for your horse by breaking the task down into super-simple steps.

Does your horse come running when called?

The horse in the video below was VERY difficult to catch. But after a few weeks of doing fun and interesting things together, she is VERY keen to be caught! 🙂 The quickest and easiest way to encourage your horse to come running when you call is to do activities together that you both enjoy.

A Very Simple Bow in Less Than 4 Minutes

A very simple bow is easy and quick to teach if your horse already knows how to target. ‘Targeting’ is to touch an object when asked. You can learn more about targeting (touch) HERE I sped this video up a little but the times are in real-time.  It took less than four minutes to teach […]

[FAQ] What are the best tricks to teach my horse?

Easy. Just start with something that your horse does naturally. This will usually be a behavior that they enjoy or do in response to something going on around them. It is much easier to use a behavior your horse already does and build on it to create a trick.

5 Challenges for You and Your Horse

Are you eager to enhance the bond with your horse and take your relationship to the next level? We have the perfect solution for you! Introducing 5 specially designed challenges that will help you and your horse develop Connection, Attention, Communication, Calmness, and Trust. These essential elements will transform your partnership, enabling you and your […]

6 Simple Ways To Pair Bond With Your Horse

You’ve seen those horses that are best friends. They are nearly always close to each other and call out if they are parted or nicker when they see each other again. They have what is called a ‘pair-bond’. While your horse will never think of you as another horse, there are ways that you can […]