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25 Things To Do With Your Horse At Home

Are you and your horse stuck at home and looking for activities you can do together?

There are still lots of things you can do.

Here’s a list of activities that are a bit different, lots of fun and will make your relationship even better!

1 ~ Teach your horse to smile
This simple trick is easy to teach and is a real crowd pleaser.

2 ~ Find your horse’s favorite place to be scratched
A lovely way to bond with your horse. Most horses love having their withers scratched but try other places like inside their ears or under their belly.

3 ~ Build a simple horse playground
Playgrounds are a good way to have fun with your horse but they can also really help them be calm around new and different objects.

4 ~ Bake your horse some special treats
Find a treat that your horse really loves.

5 ~ Record your horse’s vital signs
Knowing what temperature, heart rate etc is ‘normal’ for your horse, and recording those details, can really help if you ever have to call your veterinarian.

6 ~ Help your horse with an issue – eg fear of hosing, spray bottles
Spend some time getting your horse over an issue they may have. Patiently helping them to get used to used to things that worry them can make life easier and safer for you both.

7 ~ Meditate with your horse
Meditating in the presence of your horse can help you and your horse to really relax and get in tune with one another.

8 ~ Teach your horse to line up at the mounting block
This useful trick will make it easier for you to get on.

9 ~ Engage your horse’s brain by teaching them to choose different colors
Teach your horse something that will really get him thinking. Like choosing between different colored or shaped objects.

10 ~ Make an edible toy for your horse to play with
Giving your horse a safe toy to play with, that includes treats, can provide lots of entertainment for them.

11 ~ Just relax with your horse
We can sometimes feel like we always have to be doing something with our horses but some time spent just hanging out with your horse can do wonders for your relationship.

12 ~ Try essential oils
There are several essential oils that horses enjoy and are helpful for different issues.

13 ~ Teach your horse to twirl
This simple trick is fun and easy to teach.

14 ~ Get your horse ready for a farrier visit
Spend some time teaching your horse to stand quietly and relaxed when they have their feet picked up or put on a hoof stand. It will make the next farrier visit a lot less stressful for you, your horse and your farrier.

15 ~ Teach your horse to Spanish Walk
This more advanced trick looks impressive!

16 ~ Teach your horse to pick up their feet by just pointing at them
Make life easier by teaching your horse to pick up their feet easily.

17 ~ Create a puzzle toy for your horse
Make some simple puzzle toys that really engage their brain.

18 ~ Offer your horse some interesting things to smell
Most horses are interested in exploring different smells. Try lots of different ones, such as edible herbs, and see which ones they enjoy sniffing.

19 ~ Have a special ‘Spa Day’
Spoil your horse with a special ‘Spa Day’. Give them a bath, massage, pedicure (hooves) and hairdo.

20 ~ Teach your horse to paint
Artwork created by your horse makes wonderful gifts for family and friends.

21 ~ Observe your horse’s body language
Spending time watching your horse out in their paddock and really noticing the way they use their body, ears and tails can help with your communication.

22 ~ Teach your horse to have perfect food manners
Even if you don’t plan to use treats to train your horse, teaching your horse to have good food manners makes them safer to be around for everyone.

23 ~ Help your horse with another issue – eg deworming, giving medications
Giving medications can be a real chore and sometimes almost impossible. Teach your horse to willingly accept medications before you need to give them.

24 ~ Teach your horse to fetch
This is a fun trick but it can also be useful. For example, if you drop something when you are out riding you can just ask your horse to pick it up and give it to you.

25 ~ Take your horse for short walks and explore
Most horses love to explore. Going for short walks together will increase your horse’s confidence and can be a really good way to improve your bond.

Here is a printable list of ‘25 Things To Do With Your Horse At Home’.  See how many you can do over the next few weeks…



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Playing Catch With Bella

I like to offer my horses different toys to play with and see what they want to do with them.

Letting your horse have a say in the play process will really increase your horse’s motivation and enjoyment.

I had been originally teaching Bella to fetch, but then she started to pick up the ball and throw it. She really enjoyed doing that so we played around with her throwing the ball to me to catch, rather than continuing with ‘fetch’.


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