Have fun. Create an amazing bond with your horse.

Does your horse come running when called?

The horse in the video below was VERY difficult to catch. But after a few weeks of doing fun and interesting things together, she is VERY keen to be caught! 🙂 The quickest and easiest way to encourage your horse to come running when you call is to do activities together that you both enjoy.

Turning Scary Things into Fun Things

One of the best tricks to teach your horse is ‘touch’. It is SO simple but has many uses. You can use ‘touch’ to help your horse accept and approach scary objects. It works like magic!

How To Teach Your Horse Treat Manners

Some people worry that using treats during training will cause their horse to become pushy, nippy, and turn them into a horrible food monster! Unfortunately, this is likely if your horse doesn’t learn how to behave around treats. For most horses, food is their favorite thing and they just want some… NOW! Thankfully it is […]

Does Your Horse Do Tricks Without Being Asked?

When you start teaching your horse a new trick, they may want to do it all the time (even when you don’t ask them to do it). This means they are super keen! And they have discovered that by doing this new trick, they are ‘rewarded’. A reward for a horse can be anything such […]

Steps To Teach Your Horse to Stand Still and Wait

Teaching your horse to stand still and ‘Wait’ without being tied up is a very handy trick! With just a few minutes of daily practice, you can teach your horse to calmly wait for you. ‘Wait’ has many uses…   You can use it to teach your horse to stand on a pedestal or stay […]

[FAQ] Should I Teach My Horse More Than One Trick at a Time?

Question: I have started teaching my gelding to smile, he’s doing pretty well considering neither of us have a clue… well, do I stay with just the one trick until he “gets it” or… will that make him too bored and should I introduce another trick and alternate during the training time? …OR would that […]