Horse Training

Building Trust and Communication

If you build a bond with your horse through trust and communication, they will do just about anything for you.

A few days ago I was training Bella (my new trick horse) in her new paddock. I’m always looking for opportunities and new things to do with Bella.  There were lots of flat rocks around. I thought it would fun to ask her to stand on one.  She’s never stepped UP onto something for me but we have been practising walking onto a mat.

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Horse Training, Trick Training Tips

Quickest Way to Teach Your Horse a Trick

Would you like to teach your horse a trick quickly or slowly?  I think you would probably say ‘quickly’.  Who wouldn’t?  But I’ve found that teaching horses tricks slowly actually speeds things up.


Let me explain…..

If you want to teach your horse to bow it’s easy – just grab a carrot, put a halter on your horse and without letting your horse step backward, tease them between their front legs with the carrot until they lower their head.

There are loads of websites that show you how to do this.


Your horse hasn’t really learnt anything (except how to bend into a funny position to try and get a carrot).  If you want them to do something more complicated or a movement that can’t be taught by following a carrot then you won’t stand a chance with this method.

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Horse Training, Trick Training Tips

Help! The neighbors think I’m crazy!

Every morning I head out to my horses paddock loaded up with balls, hula hoops, traffic cones and other toys.

My horses see me coming and run over to say hello and check out what I’m carrying.

Horse Tricks Hula Hoop

I sometimes wonder what the neighbors think.  They have ‘normal’ horses and are doing ‘normal’ things with them.

In contrast I’m running around the paddock, jumping up and down, waving my hands around while laughing and asking my horses to do all sorts of ‘strange’ things.  My horses play ‘fetch’, stand on boxes and give me hugs and kisses.

But it seems I’m not the only one who wonders what the neighbors think.

I get lots of emails and comments from folk who have discovered the joy of playing with their horses.  They tell me that since they started playing with their horses, their relationship has really improved.  There is now a lot of joy and laughter in their training 🙂

However they also tell me that they get strange looks from their neighbors or the other boarders.

Trigger and I would just like to say… play and have fun!

It’s okay! There are a lot of us doing the same thing! 🙂

One day the rest of the horse world will realize that having fun and playing with their horses has HUGE benefits and everyone will be doing it!

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