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Does your horse come when called?

The horse in the video below was VERY difficult to catch. But after a few weeks of doing fun and interesting things together, she is VERY keen to be caught! 🙂



The quickest and easiest way to encourage your horse to come running when you call is to do activities together that you both enjoy.

It’s just like any relationship!

We all love spending time with people that are fun, interesting, and who like doing things we enjoy.

Your horse is no different!

Adding fun and variety to the time you spend with your horse can cause the following to happen!… 🙂

  • Your horse calling out to you when they see you
  • Your horse following you around
  • Your horse running to you when you call


Would you like to build a very special bond with your horse using fun and unique activities? Everything you need is in the HORSE TRICKS ACADEMY…

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5 Challenges for You and Your Horse

Here are five challenges that will help you develop Connection, Attention, Communication, Calmness, and Trust with your horse.

Each challenge is a question to ask yourself and your horse…

Are you listening? Can you understand and do what I am asking of you? Am I giving clear, consistent cues so that you can understand?

When you can answer “yes” to these questions your relationship will have reached a new level!

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