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[FAQ] What are the best tricks to teach my horse?

Easy. Just start with something that your horse does naturally. This will usually be a behavior that they enjoy or do in response to something going on around them. It is much easier to use a behavior your horse already does and build on it to create a trick.

[FAQ] Which trick should I teach my horse first?

The best trick to teach your horse first is to ‘touch’ an object with their nose. This is a simple trick, but it is also the foundation of many other tricks like fetch, hug, and kiss. Most tricks, even the more advanced ones, can be built using a few foundation movements.

Does Your Horse Do Tricks Without Being Asked?

When you start teaching your horse a new trick, they may want to do it all the time (even when you don’t ask them to do it). This means they are super keen! And they have discovered that by doing this new trick, they are ‘rewarded’. A reward for a horse can be anything such […]

[FAQ] Should I Teach My Horse More Than One Trick at a Time?

Question: I have started teaching my gelding to smile, he’s doing pretty well considering neither of us have a clue… well, do I stay with just the one trick until he “gets it” or… will that make him too bored and should I introduce another trick and alternate during the training time? …OR would that […]