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[FAQ] Should I Teach My Horse More Than One Trick at a Time?

Question: I have started teaching my gelding to smile, he’s doing pretty well considering neither of us have a clue… well, do I stay with just the one trick until he “gets it” or… will that make him too bored and should I introduce another trick and alternate during the training time? …OR would that […]

5 Steps to Teach Your Horse Any Trick

Did you know there are only 5 steps to teach your horse any trick?  Get these right and you can teach your horse just about anything! 1. PLAN – break the trick into as many small steps as possible. 2. ASK – use a physical and / or verbal cue to ask your horse to […]

Quickest Way to Teach Your Horse a Trick

Would you like to teach your horse a trick quickly or slowly?  I think you would probably say ‘quickly’.  Who wouldn’t?  But I’ve found that teaching horses tricks slowly actually speeds things up. Huh??? Let me explain….. If you want to teach your horse to bow it’s easy – just grab a carrot, put a […]

Help! The neighbors think I’m crazy!

Every morning I head out to my horse’s paddock loaded up with balls, hula hoops, traffic cones, and other toys. My horses see me coming and run over to say hello and investigate what I’m carrying. I sometimes wonder what the neighbors think.  They have ‘normal’ horses and are doing ‘normal’ things with them. In […]

Learning new tricks – want to know how your horse feels?

Do you want an eye-opening insight into what it feels like to be a horse trying to learn something new? Then I challenge you to try the following exercise… You need these items: A friend A place where you can both sit opposite each other Some small toys or items such as a pen Some […]

Horse Trick Training Schedule (11 minutes)

In this article, I’ll show you how easy it is to fit several trick training sessions around your day-to-day horse activities.  In just 11 minutes a day, you can start to teach your horse lots of tricks. Horses learn much quicker if they are taught tricks in several enjoyable, short sessions rather than one long […]

Chicken training helps with horse training

If you would like to improve your horse training skills, then I recommend you train a chicken!  I recently heard that one of America’s top animal trainers, Bob Bailey, believes that “when you can train a chicken you can train just about anything“.  So I headed off to a ‘Chicken Training Camp’ with Terry Ryan.  […]

10 Simple Tricks You Should Teach Your Horse

Most tricks, even the complicated ones, start with a simple trick or are made up of several simple tricks joined together. The same applies to anything you want to teach your horse. Start by teaching your horse some simple basics and then use them to help your horse learn many different things! 

Can you teach a horse tricks without treats?

I get asked a lot if it is possible to teach a horse tricks without treats. Yes is it possible, but I find it takes a lot longer to teach them a trick. Most horses would rather be out in their paddock with their mates eating grass.  So you need to find something that makes […]

The Importance of Clear Trick Training Cues

How do you ask your horse to do something? You give them a cue. A cue is just a signal you use to let your horse know what you want them to do.  Each cue needs to be clear and distinct from other cues otherwise your horse can become confused. You will be using both verbal […]

Some tricks you should NEVER teach your horse

Think carefully about which tricks you want to teach your horse. Some tricks can be dangerous if not performed in a safe area and by an experienced person, for example, rearing or laying down. Horses sometimes do tricks without being asked, particularly in the early stages of training. They have yet to learn that they […]

How long will it take your horse to learn a trick?

The time it takes for your horse to learn a new trick will depend on several things.  These include age, temperament, attitude, and previous training (both yours and the horse’s). Also, horses are very much like people in that they learn at different speeds and they find some things easier or more enjoyable than others. […]

Tips on the best places to teach your horse tricks

WHERE you practice your horse trick training can have a big impact on how quickly your horse learns new tricks.  If you train your horse in an area where they are relaxed and comfortable they will learn much quicker and retain more of what you teach them. To really get the most out of your […]

Teaching Your Horse Tricks Step By Step

Horses learn much quicker and are less likely to get confused if you teach them in small steps rather than attempting a trick all at once. If you want to teach your horse a trick (or anything else), think about the final result you want, then try and break the trick into as many smaller […]