If you want to deepen the bond with your horse, increase trust and enhance their focus through a fun and engaging program, then you’re in the right place!

Horse Tricks Club is a tranformational program that started in 2012. Since then we have helped 1,000’s of horse owners from all around the world create an amazing bond with their horses while having lots of fun!

How Horse Tricks Club Works

Everything is online.  No travel required.

You and your horse can participate from anywhere, at any time. 

You get instant access to:

1. The Ultimate Horse Tricks & Activities Course

2. Exclusive Clubhouse for Members

3. Expert Personalized Guidance from Our Kind-Hearted Trainers

4. Monthly Themes with Fun Challenges

5. 100’s of Engaging and Fun Activities for You and Your Horse

1. The Ultimate Horse Tricks & Activities Course

The moment you join, you get access to the Ultimate Horse Tricks & Activities Course.

Whether you’re just starting or seeking to perfect your techniques, our vast collection of step-by-step videos caters to all skill levels, ensuring everyone has something new and exciting to try!

Inside you will discover…

  • Hundreds of easy-to follow, step-by-step training videos.
  • Handy, printable guides for on-the-go learning.
  • Compatibility across devices – be it computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Tailored training to cater to every skill level, from beginners to advanced.

For a sneak peek at what is waiting for you inside the course trot over HERE.

2. Exclusive Clubhouse for Members

You’re not alone on this journey! Upon joining, you’ll become part of our lively online community, a safe space to share and celebrate with fellow horse lovers. It’s a circle of friends from across the globe, all bound by their passion for these wonderful creatures.

This is a safe space where you can…

  • Ask questions about anything
  • Get guidance from our very kind and experienced trainers
  • Share your progress and videos (we love to see these!)
  • Connect with other like-minded people

This is such a special group!  Everyone is so supportive and non-judgemental.  You will feel totally okay about asking questions and celebrating your progress.

To meet more of our members and watch their inspiring stories click HERE

3. Expert Guidance from Our Kind-Hearted Trainers

Navigating something new can be challenging, but with our compassionate and skilled trainers, you’re in great hands. They’re here to offer you the support, advice, and encouragement you need to overcome hurdles and celebrate triumphs.

They will provide you with individual personalized guidance tailored to your particular training needs.

Our trainers main focus is to help you create an amazing bond with your horse, while having lots of fun!

To learn more about the Horse Tricks Club Trainers click HERE

4. Monthly Themes with Fun Challenges

Horse Tricks Club monthly themes

Keep the excitement alive with our engaging monthly themes! These include interactive challenges and activities designed to enrich your training routine and provide fresh, enjoyable ways to bond with your horse.

To see a full list of our upcoming Themes and fun Challenges for the next 12 months click HERE.

5. 100's of Engaging and Fun Groundwork Ideas

Horse groundwork ideas

Looking for engaging and fun groundwork ideas?

Groundwork is the key to safer and more enjoyable rides.

Think groundwork is boring? Think again!

At Horse Tricks Club, we transform routine exercises into fun-filled activities.

Inside the Club you will discover 100’s of creative groundwork ideas! We’re talking about vibrant, engaging activities that make both you and your horse eager for more.

Even if you don’t ride, these activities will provide quality time with your horse that boosts confidence and trust.

Say goodbye to the mundane and hello to enjoyable, worry-free adventures with your horse!

6. Inspiring Activities for Non-Ridden Horses

Who says the fun stops if you’re not riding? Absolutely not us!

Inside the Club are inspiring activities for horses that may not be ridden due to age, health, or personal choice.

From mind-stimulating puzzles to confidence-building exercises, our activities are crafted to:

  • Engage your horse’s curiosity
  • Stimulate your horse’s mind
  • Strengthen your bond
  • Provide 100’s of inspiring things you can do together


There’s a whole world of playful learning and connection waiting for you and your horse, beyond the saddle.

Getting Started is as easy as 1... 2... 3!

What Horse Tricks Club members say...

Veronique and Ruby

"My confidence in my abilities has gone through the roof."

"I had everyone in my ear that my mare was too much for me and I needed a more suitable horse. I even advertised her for sale. At the last minute, I changed my mind, blocked out all the naysayers, and joined Horse Tricks Club - I couldn't be happier. I tried lots of things with my girl and trick training was the one that clicked. This type of positive training has won me over big time. I now trust my horse and she trusts me. My confidence in my abilities has gone through the roof."

Nicola and Monti

"Eager and more confidence"

"I always wanted to learn more about trick training horses. The first trick we mastered was smile. Monti loves it and neighs at me now whenever I go up to the stables. I used to get one neigh at the most but now if I’m taking too long he neighs at me eager to get started. We use trick training on walks too, as it gives him more confidence while away from the field. We love trick training. There’s so much to learn."

Leslie and Raymond

"This training has created a bond between the two of us"

"I started this endeavor hoping to build a better bond with my new horse 'Raymond.' He came from a farm where he lived his entire life. His girl went off to college. He wouldn't eat treats or enjoy a good brushing. He was tense. After starting this training he has become a different horse - on the ground and while riding!!! I truly believe this training has created a bond between the two of us. If you are unsure about this program... Try it anyways!!! We may not do the tricks we've learned perfectly but they are good enough for us!!! He comes running when I call him (he's in a 30 acre pasture) and winnys at me EVERY TIME he sees me now. THANK YOU!!!"

"A real game changer!"

Trick training has been a real game changer. It can be adapted in so many ways and really is great fun for you and your horse! Wonderful friendly group, loads of help and support. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!
Club Member

"Amazing partnership"

The partnership I’ve developed with my horses has been amazing! Learning my mares’ minds and practicing with the clickers has been SO fun! My horses love to learn and I’ve had an incredible time teaching them. Highly recommend this!
Club Member

To meet more of our members and watch their inspiring stories click HERE

Get Started Today!

Why Horse Tricks Club is different

What makes Horse Tricks Club different than any course you've ever taken is...

…it’s not just a course!

It has course elements to it, but it’s far more than that and we can break it out into three distinct parts:

#1. CONTENT THAT GETS YOU INTO ACTION – Courses (which we love, btw!) can easily keep you stuck in “student mode.” Always watching, always learning, never doing. Horse Tricks Club gets you into action by giving you fun challenges, exciting tests and simple step-by-step activities to get you real results.

#2. GUIDANCE FROM OUR VERY POSITIVE TRAINERS – You will get support and guidance from our trainers. They are there to answer your questions, point you to areas in the course that will help you and give you feedback on your training. And they are the kindest, most encouraging trainers you are ever likely to meet!

#3. THE UNIQUE COMMUNITY – What do you get when you bring 100’s of people together from all around the world who love, love, love their horses and ponies and have a sense of fun and adventure?… lots of new ideas, laughter and wow! moments.

Even if you aren’t a big community person (we have many introverts in the group), you will discover so many new things by watching what others are doing. And if you and your horse love the limelight, we’d love to see what you two get up to!

#4. MONTHLY THEMES AND FUN CHALLENGES – We keep the excitement and fun alive with our engaging monthly themes! These include interactive challenges and activities designed to enrich your training routine and provide fresh, enjoyable ways to bond with your horse.


Experience the magic of trick training in this uplifting transformation video!

Watch as a once stressed, pushy horse evolves into a relaxed and cooperative companion, eager to learn and engage. This brief glimpse into their journey shows the profound effect of trick training.

Frequently asked questions

Horse Tricks Club only opens to new members a couple of times each year. This approach allows us to dedicate our hearts and time to providing guidance, friendship, adventures, and of course, stellar horse tricks for our cherished existing members the rest of the year.

No. Everything is online. You can access the course and group whenever and wherever you want. You can watch the videos and participate in the group from home or take the course with you when you visit your horse on your mobile phone or tablet.

Every animal is welcome in the Horse Tricks Club. 

We have members with horses, ponies, minis, donkeys and mules.

We even have some members training their cows and chickens!

This training works for every type of animal. 

You don’t have to buy any fancy new horse gadget to teach your horse the tricks in this course. If you have a horse, a halter and a lead rope you have everything you need to get started. We also show you how to make your own equipment and where to get cheap, fun horse toys.

Yes, absolutely! The best way for your horse to learn is in short, regular training sessions – five minutes per session, a couple of times a day is perfect.

But even if you only see your horse once a week you can still make good progress.

To make the biggest impact, we suggest you mix trick training with the activities you regularly do with your horse. We show you an easy way to do this in the Club.

Most courses and books only show experienced trick horses doing the tricks. They don’t show how to teach a horse to do tricks from the very start.

Inside the horse tricks online course, you’ll have access to videos of horses learning tricks from the very beginning. 

Our members say these videos are very helpful.

You will be able to follow along with your own horse and learn step-by-step how to teach your horse tricks from the start.

Plus you will get ongoing support from our experienced trainers in the private Horse Tricks Club Facebook group.

Trick training provides a fun way to build a bond and trustful relationship with your horse. It helps your horse to be more confident and curious around new objects and situations.

We have several members in the Club currently working with rescue horses that have trust issues. They report their horses are responding in a very positive way to trick training.


Yes. We have members from all around the world. Some of the countries include USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Germany and Australia. We are united by our love of horses 🙂

Horse Tricks Club was started over 12 years ago by Jain.  It began as a small Club with just a few members but has now grown to over 1000 members worldwide.  Noche and Ineke joined the Club as trainers about 7 years ago.

The average age of our members is between 30 and 65.  But we also have younger and older members. 

Age is just a number!  As long as you have a sense of fun you are very welcome.

Many of our members have reignited their passion for horses after taking a breather for career commitments or raising children.

Now, they are back, mingling with our horse-loving community, and achieving awe-inspiring things with their equine pals.

Most of the training is designed for adults.  We cover concepts that may be hard for children to understand eg horse behavior and learning theory.  However, we have several members that are working through the course with their child. 

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Your membership is year to year. We don’t automatically renew your membership at the end of 12 months. We will send you an email a few weeks before your membership is due to renew to see if you would like to stay another year. We hope you do 🙂  But some folks find they do everything they want to do in 12 months.  Other members have been with us for over 10 years! 

Yes.  We offer a 30-day Joyful Journey Guarantee!

We’re fully convinced that you and your horse will be brimming with happiness. But if for some reason you’re not totally ecstatic, just email Heather at within 30 days of joining and we’ll refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

So, take the leap and trot into this new adventure with complete peace of mind!

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