Games and Activities To Keep Your Horse Very Happy!

Get creative with your horse...

If your horse bores easily with the same everyday routine, why not use some of the exciting activities in the Games and Activities Club to help give them something creative to do and keep them busy.

Playing fun games with your horse is a great way to establish a wonderful horse-human bond.

Games and activities are fabulous boredom busters for horses and give them opportunities to think, explore and pass the time.

There are many simple and cheap little projects you can create and offer, which will really get their brain buzzing!


The Club is an online place where you will have instant access to everything you need:

Training Videos

Watch the videos for full step-by-step instructions on how to do each activity.

Downloadable Activity Sheets

Download and print out these Activity Sheets as a handy reference to keep for each game or activity.

Hi, I’m Ineke.  Join me and my horses (Monty, Honey and JB) as we show you games and activities that will make your equines (big and small) very happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of them only take a few minutes. You can easily include them in the time you already spend with your horse.

These activities are suitable for all ages. You can do them with foals or senior horses. They are also suitable for donkeys, ponies, and minis of all ages.

You don’t need any new fancy equipment or gadgets. All these simple ideas use items that you are very likely to already have. You can also practice most of these activities in your horse’s paddock, yard or stable. You don’t need a special area for this training.

They are all done from the ground. However, you will find that if you do ride that these activities will also help your horse to be calmer, more confident and focused when you are in the saddle.

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