Horse Clicker Game

This is just a bit of fun.

Trigger and I were looking for a simple and fun way to show others the basic steps to teach horses using rewards.  We could write them out but we also decided to design a little game to show it 🙂

Here’s the written version:

1. Ask the horse to do something (using physical and/or verbal cues).

2. Mark the correct behavior (with a word or sound).  The correct behavior in this ‘game’ is when the horse is jumping UP.

3. Give the horse a reward (carrots) after the Marker.

This little game is designed to test your skills at using the marker at the correct time and providing rewards to the horse.

The ‘game’ is still in beta version and needs a LOT more work but if you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements or there are any problems playing the game please let us know via the Contact page on this website. Your input is REALLY appreciated 🙂 Jain, Trigger & Bella.


Click anywhere on the screen as the horse is going UP.

If you click at the right time, you will get a star that says ‘Well done’.  

Then just give the horse some carrots to have another go.

Have fun!

CLICK the image below to get started



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