Horse Connection Meditation

Create more calmness and connection with your horse

Horses live in the moment.

Humans are usually thinking about things that may happen in the future or dwelling on things that happened in the past.

If you go to your horse with this distracted mindset your training won’t be the best it can be.

Being in the present moment helps you to connect with your horse. Being present is also relaxing and calming for you and your horse.

If you can start each training session with a positive and relaxed attitude you will find that you and your horse will be more focused and open to learning.

This 5 minute guided meditation will bring you into the present moment, help you to relax and become more connected with your horse.

You will also receive the following gift...

Horse Happiness Cards

These cards cover 12 simple activities that you can do with your horse in just 5 to 10 minutes. Each activity can help to increase the bond with your horse. Try to fit at least 2 of the activities into the time you spend with your horse each week. To use these cards download them, print and cut them out. Then you can just choose a card at random or work your way through each of the cards. Enjoy!

How to use this Meditation...

Download this meditation to your phone, tablet or MP3 player and take it with you when you visit your horse.

Find a quiet place near your horse where you can sit comfortably, shut your eyes and not be disturbed for 5 minutes.

Take a few deep breaths.

When you feel relaxed start listening to the meditation. For best results use headphones.

Notice the difference you feel when you have finished the meditation.

Go and enjoy the special connection with your horse!

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Horse Connection Meditation

A five minute guided meditation + bonus horse happiness cards

Just $5.00