Have fun. Create an amazing bond with your horse.



Most horses love, love, love this brush.  Try using it in circular motions on different places on your horse.  My two love it on their belly and rump.  An added bonus… it is super easy to clean.

MAGIC BRUSH (available on Amazon)


An excellent ball for playing catch or fetch or chase.  It has handles, is covered in a strong material and best of all… it is stuffed with a soft material so your horse can bite it, throw it, stomp on it and it won’t burst.

SOFT SOCCER BALL (available on Amazon)


Creating a photo collection of your activities will provide a record of the time you spend with your horse – the good times, your accomplishments and the activities you have enjoyed together.  Look at it often for a mood boost.

Here is a simple and fun display idea…

HANGIT PHOTO DISPLAY (available on Amazon)



These products are recommended as part of The Horse Happiness Handbook.

We will be adding more products as we test them for the weekly Activity Sheets.