What does your horse love to do?

Do You Know What Your Horse Loves To Do?

One of the best ‘people’ to ask about activities that your horse will love and will really improve your bond – is your horse!

Through their daily activities your horse will be telling you exactly what s/he likes to do.

Most horses favorite activities fall into one or more of these 6 categories:

  • Eating
  • Relaxing
  • Grooming
  • Playing
  • Learning
  • Exploring

Over the next few days observe your horse and make some notes on how s/he likes to spend their day.

You can then use these ‘favorite activities’ to form the basis of bonding activities with your horse.

For example if your horse likes eating, then using treats will be a way to win their heart.

If s/he likes relaxing, then spending time just ‘hanging out’ can be a good way to bond with this type of horse.

If your horse likes to be groomed, find a brush that s/he REALLY likes.

If s/he enjoys playing, try offering your horse different toys.

If s/he likes to learn new things then teach your horse a trick they can show off.

Or if s/he likes to explore, take your horse for walks and investigate the local area.

Find your horse’s favorite activity and use it to create activities that you can do together.

Because there is absolutely no better way to create a special bond with your horse than doing things together that you both enjoy.