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100+ Horse Activities and Tricks

Here is a list of what is available in Horse Tricks Club for you right now.

With more than 100 tricks and activities, you and your horse will never get bored. Plus, each month, we add more, so the fun will never end! 


As soon as you join, we will welcome you and get you settled in 🙂

You will discover…

  • How to get all your questions answered
  • How to use the step-by-step online course
  • About your very helpful and experienced instructors
  • How to join the friendly, 800+ members-only Facebook group


You will learn about the essential fundamentals of trick training and equine behavior. We will show you how your horse learns and the quickest way to teach them new things.


You will find recommendations for basic training equipment (no need to buy fancy, expensive gear, you will have most of this already). Plus, we’ve included instructions for some fun equipment you can make.


You will learn about ‘The Marker’ (this helps your horse to learn a lot quicker!) and some fun ways to practice your timing and training skills.


You will discover how to train with treats and teach your horse to have perfect treat manners (even if they are pushy around food).

horse trick treats


You will then learn how to teach your horse the six foundation movements. These simple movements form the building blocks for all other tricks.

Teach your horse these six movements and you can teach your horse just about anything!

  1. Targeting (touch) an Object
  2. Head Down
  3. Backing
  4. Leg Up
  5. Leg Forward
  6. Stand/Wait


Then it’s time to work on some simple tricks. Pick from the following fun ones.

There are step-by-step videos for each trick, plus you can always get lots of support in the members-only Facebook group.

  • Hug
  • Kiss
  • Twirl
  • Catch
  • Yes
  • Smile
  • Simple Bow


Now you and your horse are ready to do more amazing things!

There are 100’s of ideas for tricks in the online course. Each trick comes with step-by-step training videos. You will see horses learning the tricks from the very beginning.

Plus, there is always support close at hand in the members-only Facebook Group.

Here are some of the more advanced tricks you will find in the course…

  • Flag Waving
  • Pedestal training
  • Ringing a Bell
  • Head down from a distance
  • Spanish walk from the ground
  • Spanish walk mounted
  • Sneeze
  • Body targeting
  • Hip targeting
  • Side pass
  • Tail backing
  • Fetch
  • Out and around an object
  • Painting
  • Automatic self-loading into a trailer
  • Balance a cone
  • Circling cones
  • Putting rings on a cone
  • Roping horse
  • Lay down


There is also extra training that will help your horse to be calmer and more confident. Some of the lessons include…

  • How to create a more confident horse
  • How to teach your horse to approach scary objects
  • Umbrella Training
  • Popping Balloons
  • Tapping for calmness
  • Using reward-based training for despooking
  • Real-life examples of horses overcoming scary things


You can then use the same training principles to help prepare your horse for riding and make them more responsive when you ride. Some of the step-by-step lessons in this module include…

Line up at the mounting block training

  • Yielding the hips away
  • Using a gentle touch to move the hips toward you
  • Some different ways to teach your horse to come to the mounting block

Ridden Games

  • ‘Touch it’ riding
  • Transfer groundwork to riding
  • Using cones to ride at Liberty


You will then discover how to use this training to make it easier to do those horse care tasks that you used to dread, including…

  • Applying medications
  • Hosing
  • Spray bottle and aerosol can training
  • Dental care preparation
  • Farrier/hoof care preparation


If you want extra fun games and activities you can do with your horse, there are many options in the course. Here are just a few…

  • Pole work
  • Backing through cones
  • How to build a pedestal
  • How to make a hay box
  • How to build a tunnel
  • How to build a curtain rack
  • How to start agility training


All this training helps you to develop an amazing bond with your horse.

Once you have this strong connection, you can start doing more at Liberty. It’s wonderful! Lessons in the course that will help you with your liberty work include…

  • Walk with your horse at Liberty
  • Liberty riding using hand and hoof targets
  • Liberty equipment
  • Recall at Liberty using the Draw
  • Send your horse away and back to you at Liberty
  • Liberty for collection

And each month, we add more activities!

Discover the fun way to create an amazing bond with your horse!

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