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Inspiring Stories from Horse Tricks Club Members

Come and meet some special folks who (just like you!) are horse lovers and were looking to improve their relationship with their horses. So they joined Horse Tricks Club.

We love to show off our members not only because we are so proud of them but also because their stories and transformations are much more powerful and likely to connect with you than anything we could ever say.

We hope that one day we’ll be sharing your amazing horse transformation story too!

Veronique and Ruby

"My confidence in my abilities has gone through the roof."

“I had everyone in my ear that my mare was too much for me and I needed a more suitable horse. I even advertised her for sale. At the last minute, I changed my mind, blocked out all the naysayers, and joined Horse Tricks Club – I couldn’t be happier.
I tried lots of things with my girl and trick training was the one that clicked.
Since joining Horse Tricks Club, the change in Ruby is awesome. It used to be lunge first then ride. She’s now a straight out of the paddock and ride horse and pure gold.
I no longer have a chestnut dragon. Mind you she still has an opinion 🤣 l just listen and let her know I heard. This type of positive training has won me over big time. I now trust my horse and she trusts me.
My floating worries are now long over I don’t have a horse that I think is going to hurt me. My confidence in my abilities has gone through the roof. As you can tell l love this program and I’ve only scratched the surface of it. I can’t wait to dig deeper in the files and do more.”

Mary and Stewie

"Allowed us to do so much more than I would have ever dreamed of."

“When you see your horse’s eyes light up when you grab some “toys” and you know it’s not because of the treats. So glad I found the Horse Tricks Club many years ago – what a difference it has made and allowed us to do so much more than I would ever have dreamed of.
A few years ago I happened upon a video of a woman doing some simple tricks with a horse (hug, bow, pick up a hat). I signed up and tried the clear and simple exercises.
That was the beginning of years of progress and an ever increasing repertoire of fun tricks with my horses.
Trick training has translated into riding obstacles and agility work, even to the point of competing bridleless.
When my horse was on stall rest after an injury (who hasn’t been there?) keeping his mind occupied learning new tricks kept us both involved.
The benefits are endless, the horse is enthusiastic and happy.
Best of all I’ve never seen an unkind comment in the group – only cheerful support and encouragement given for all the members and their horses.”

Erin and Colt

"Endless Benefits"

Colt has learned the very useful trick - Touch. This helps horses approach scary things. What a brave boy!
“I am a member and have learned so much from the Horse Tricks Club.
It improved my communication with my horses and they enjoy learning new things through positive reinforcement.
The Club has easy to follow video instructions for tons of fun and useful ‘tricks’ and the Club members are so encouraging and helpful!
There’s always new lessons being created and friendly challenges to take part in. Endless benefits.

These heartfelt stories are just a small sample from the hundreds of inspiring experiences shared by our members. They have transformed their relationships with their horses, fostering bonds of trust, focus, and connection.

This could be you too!

Join us in Horse Tricks Club, and start your journey towards an amazing bond with your horse.