Meet your Horse Tricks Club trainers. They’re a dedicated and passionate team from the USA and Australia, each bringing unique and varied horse training experiences. They’re excited to guide you in achieving your goals and fostering an incredible bond with your horse!


I grew up riding horses, fortunate enough to have a mother who shared her love of horses and always advocated for training with kindness.

Now, I spend my time retraining horses who have had unfortunate starts in life, assisting them in relearning how to enjoy human interactions.

I reside on a farm with my family in the western US and take great pleasure in teaching our ranch horses tricks. I’ve found that trick training makes them not only happier but also more effective in their jobs.


I came into horses late in life. It was through the strong desire of my daughter to have a horse that led me on an adventure that I never dreamt I would be part of. As I watched the horses graze and wander around the paddock, I began to deeply wish that I could communicate with them in a way that they would openly reciprocate, but not by force. I was seeking a method that used free will and kindness.

My world opened up when I found Reward Based Training. I then began to learn in leaps and bounds. I found that along with my enthusiasm to communicate, the horses responded with the same amount of enthusiasm toward me. I discovered the secret language. All doors in the equine world began to open in more ways than one. I learned not only how to communicate with them, but then observed how to interact through my own body language and understand the body language of the horses. It became a loud but silent conversation. I found that if I listened to and respected the horse, everything else fell into place. I have since been on the never ending journey to continue to be able to fine-tune my ability to connect with all horses. I now also explore equine body work to ever increase my ability to listen to horses.

I now enjoy living a quiet rural life in Australia with my herd of horses. I use Reward Based Training to teach everything from husbandry to fun tricks, agility and riding.


When I was just eight years old, I took my first horse riding lessons. But the teaching was very strict, and it felt like we were telling the horses what to do, rather than asking.

I could see that the horses didn’t enjoy their job, but I continued to ride this way for many years. However, I always felt there had to be a better way.

This way came when one of my horses, a thoroughbred, was injured and couldn’t be ridden for a few months. I wanted to keep us both busy, so I started exploring trick training.

This involved rewarding my horse for doing certain things, and what a difference it made!

Our relationship and communication grew so much stronger. We both had fun, and my horse showed me how much he enjoyed this type of training. Instead of being hard to catch, he would call out when he saw me and started following me around everywhere!

As our trust in each other grew, we started to explore lots of activities at liberty, without any gear – just my horse and I. We managed to accomplish things I never thought possible before discovering trick training.

Driven by my newfound passion and eagerness to understand these creatures better, I went on to study Advanced Equine Behavior at University.

Now, I live on a farm in Australia where I’m surrounded by a variety of furry and feathered friends. Each day, they further my knowledge and experience in animal training and understanding.

Finding this approach to training has been a game-changer! Every day, I’m grateful to be part of a method that makes horses and their humans happy, creating bonds that are truly special.