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Trick Training is the Fun Way to...

Deepen the bond and connection with your horse.

Enhance communication with your horse.

Engage and mentally stimulate your horse.

Increase your horse’s confidence and trust.

Horse Tricks Guide: How It Works

  1. Grab your step-by-step Horse Tricks Guide (70+ page eBook).
  2. Watch the online training videos that show you exactly what you need to do.
  3. Keep your journey organized with our handy Learning Planners.
  4. Take the fun quizzes designed to make learning stick.
  5. Spend a few playful minutes each day practicing with your horse.
  6. And the best part? Watch the bond with your horse transform through this fun adventure!

All Access, All the Time!

Enjoy the training anytime, anywhere using your computer, tablet, or phone.

Everything is online.  You can watch the training videos whenever suits you.  Take your time.  You have access forever.

You can even take the training out to your field or stable and watch the videos with your horse!

Start trick training today...​

Teach your horse USEFUL tricks like TOUCH and WAIT/STAND


On your trick training journey, your first stop is the ‘TOUCH’ trick. This simple trick is the springboard for countless others, like kisses, hugs, and fetch.

Plus, it’s your secret weapon to help your horse embrace those scary objects lurking around every corner.

Imagine a scene where your horse is faced with a ‘horse-eating’ mailbox (or another scary object). You ask your horse to TOUCH it. Warily, they approach, their nose gently meeting the mailbox. There’s no chomping monster, just an ordinary mailbox! And voila, your horse’s anxiety vanishes. Mailboxes are no longer scary but a part of their daily routine.  It works like magic!

Make each training session a fun-filled adventure, and watch your horse become a more confident companion.

Teach Horse Touch
Play Video about Teach Horse Touch


Teaching your horse to STAND and WAIT can be such a game-changer! Picture this: Your horse standing confidently on a pedestal or holding a pose like a seasoned pro.

Need them to stay put during routine care, like farrier visits or worming? No problem! The WAIT trick has got you covered, fostering patience and calm.

And the icing on the cake – in those unexpected moments of fright, your faithful friend, instead of darting off, is much more likely to heed your call and stand firm and steady.

Play Video about Horse Waiting

Teach your horse FUN tricks like SMILE and CATCH


Ready to add a sprinkle of joy to your day? Picture this: your horse, on cue, lifting up their lip to reveal a big, toothy, charming grin. That’s the “Smile” trick for you – a heartwarming, fun trick that’s easy to teach.

Not only will it tickle your funny bone every time, but it also promises to spread the laughter among your friends. The best part? Your horse will absolutely love the attention and positive vibes it generates.

The Horse Tricks Guide will walk you through the process step by step, turning your horse into the happiest, grinning star of the show!

Teach horse smile


Get ready to level up your playtime with your horse! Teach your horse the playful ‘Catch’ trick. It’s a brilliant way to add more laughter to your bonding time. Let the games begin!


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Treat ebook Cover

Discover scrumptious recipes and creative treat ideas that’ll make your horse’s taste buds do a happy dance.

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These 12 quick and easy activities will enhance your bond with your horse, all in just 5 to 10 minutes! Talk about quick connection!

BONUS 3: Beat the Clock: Timing Skill Games

Sharpen your training skills with these engaging online games. Good timing = Great Training!

BONUS 4: Step-By-Step Learning Planners

Plot your path to success with these planners. Make your training journey as smooth as a canter!

Don't just train... Make each session a celebration of fun, connection and joy!

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Venture into the delightful world of trick training with our Joyful Journey Guarantee! We're fully convinced that you and your horse will be brimming with happiness. If for some reason you're not totally ecstatic, we'll refund your purchase price, no questions asked. So, take the leap and trot into this new adventure with complete peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately. After purchase you will be redirected to a page where you can download the Trick Training Guide. You will also be sent a link to the email address you provide.

These activities are suitable for all ages. You can do them with foals or senior horses. They are also suitable for donkeys, ponies, and minis of all ages.

As long as you carry a youthful spirit, you’re an ideal candidate for this fun and rewarding journey!

You don’t need any new fancy equipment or gadgets. All these simple ideas use items that you are very likely to already have. You can also practice most of these activities in your horse’s paddock, yard or stable. You don’t need a special area for this training.

The Horse Trick Training Guide contains new training principles that are advanced and not suitable for young children.  The Trick guide is suited to adults or older teenagers who will have adult support during their training.

They are all done from the ground. However, you will find that if you do ride that these activities will also help your horse to be calmer, more confident and focused when you are in the saddle.

The eBooks are created in the PDF format (a very common file type).  These can be opened on just about any computer, tablet or phone.  Most devices come with a PDF reader already installed but for the very rare device that doesn’t have it you can download a free reader here:

We decided not to produce a hard copy for several reasons. There are lots of links to online training videos and activities so it works much better as an eBook. We also wanted to reach people in many parts of the world at a price they found affordable. To produce a hard copy and send it out would make the book very expensive and it would take weeks to reach some people.

Some folks save the eBooks to their computer and then print out the activities they want to work on. They can then write notes and ideas on them. Others are happy just to read them on their mobile phone or tablet and find it handy because they can then take all the information and videos with them when they visit their horse.

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Your special trick training pack includes...

  • 70-page Trick Guide for instant download
  • 20+ online how-to training videos
  • Delicious Horse Treats eBook
  • Joy-sparking Horse Happiness eCards
  • Fun games to hone your timing and training
  • Planners to organize your training sessions

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