The Fun Way to Create a Very Special Bond with Your Horse

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Adding fun to your training...

is the key to building a very special bond with your horse...

Is your training fun?

Research shows that humans and horses learn faster and retain more of what they learn if they have fun while they are learning.

But most traditional horse training is boring! (for horses and their humans).

Trick training offers a unique and fun way to train your horse.

Are you improving your bond while you train?

We use reward-based training. Your horse will REALLY want to join you in this training.

And you will be able to do more and more things at liberty as your bond grows.

Does your current training make your horse more confident?

Fun and curiosity can really help a horse to become braver in new and different situations.

Trick training offers fun ways to introduce new and novel objects to your horse.

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Includes Step-by-Step Online Training Videos

Get instant access to 20+ online training videos that show you step-by-step how to start teaching your horse tricks.

Trick Training Makes a BIG Difference!

Watch this video to see the positive progress and the amazing change in a horse’s attitude that can happen with trick training…


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BONUS 1: Special Treat eBook for Equines Big and Small​

This eBook has recipes and ideas for deliciously unique treats to tempt equines big and small.

BONUS 2: Horse Happiness eCards​

These e-cards contain 12 simple activities that you can do with your horse in just 5 to 10 minutes. Each activity will increase the bond with your horse.

BONUS 3: Fun Games To Improve Your Timing Skills

Having good timing is so important when training your horse! Play these fun online games to improve your timing skills.

BONUS 4: Step-By-Step Learning Planners

Use these Learning Planners to help plan your training step-by-step.

BONUS 5: Weekly Trick Tips

Each week we will also send you extra trick training tips and fun ideas.

Was $15 Now Just $7 (for a limited time!)

REVIEWS: Trick training makes horses and their humans very happy...


"Trick training has been a real game changer, it can be adapted in so many ways and really
is great fun for you and your horse! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!"
Amanda and Shadow


"I always wanted to learn more about trick training horses. The first trick we mastered was smile. Monti loves it and Neighs at me now whenever I go up to the stables, I used to get 1 neigh at the most but now if I’m taking too long he neighs at me eager to get started. We use trick training on walks too, as it gives him more confidence while away from the field. We love trick training. There’s so much to learn."
Nicola and Monti


"Both horse & human changed forever for the better, what more could you want. Horses are more relaxed, willing & curious & humans feel positive & excited."
Fiona and Opal


We believe that you will love the Trick Guide and it will give you a big smile, but if for any reason you aren't totally happy we will return your purchase price. No questions asked.

What you will receive...


Was $15 Now Just $7 (for a limited time!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately. After purchase you will be redirected to a page where you can download the Trick Training Guide. You will also be sent a link to the email address you provide.

These activities are suitable for all ages. You can do them with foals or senior horses. They are also suitable for donkeys, ponies, and minis of all ages.

You don’t need any new fancy equipment or gadgets. All these simple ideas use items that you are very likely to already have. You can also practice most of these activities in your horse’s paddock, yard or stable. You don’t need a special area for this training.

The Horse Trick Training Guide contains new training principles that are advanced and not suitable for young children.  The Trick guide is suited to adults or older teenagers who will have adult support during their training.

They are all done from the ground. However, you will find that if you do ride that these activities will also help your horse to be calmer, more confident and focused when you are in the saddle.

The eBooks are created in the PDF format (a very common file type).  These can be opened on just about any computer, tablet or phone.  Most devices come with a PDF reader already installed but for the very rare device that doesn’t have it you can download a free reader here:

We decided not to produce a hard copy for several reasons. There are lots of links to online training videos and activities so it works much better as an eBook. We also wanted to reach people in many parts of the world at a price they found affordable. To produce a hard copy and send it out would make the book very expensive and it would take weeks to reach some people.

Some folks save the eBooks to their computer and then print out the activities they want to work on. They can then write notes and ideas on them. Others are happy just to read them on their mobile phone or tablet and find it handy because they can then take all the information and videos with them when they visit their horse.

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We want to get this Trick Guide out to as many horse people as possible.  That way we can introduce people to reward-based training and hope they will love it so much they will join our online Trick Training Club.  🙂

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