Discover the fun way to create an amazing bond with your horse!

Horse tricks club

  • 100’s of Creative and Fun Activities for You and Your Horse.
  • Comprehensive Step-by-Step Training: From Newbie to Master.
  • Expert Guidance from our Seasoned Trainers.
  • Friendly & Supportive Community (over 800 members).


We only open a few times a year

"This unique course and community will take you and your horse step-by-step from simple tricks to doing amazing things together."

What is Horse Tricks Club?

Horse Tricks Club is a membership program that includes an online horse training course that contains 100’s of activities and tricks for you and your horse.  There are step-by-step training videos for all levels, from beginners to advanced.  

You will also join a fun and very friendly online community (over 800 members).  In this private, members-only group, you will get guidance from our experienced trainers and support from other Club members. 

How does the Club work?

Everything is online.  No travel required.

You get instant access to the online training course and the very friendly, fun community.​

You and your horse can participate from anywhere, at any time.  We have members from all around the world. 

1. Online Training Course - The Academy

As soon as you join, you get instant access to a private, members-only website. 

Inside you will discover step-by-step training videos and printable guides designed to get you started straight away!

You can watch the videos on your computer, tablet or phone.

There is training for all levels – from beginners to advanced.

2. Members-only community

You will also get access to the supportive and very friendly Horse Tricks Club private Facebook group (800+ members from all around the world). 

This is a safe place where you can…

  • Ask questions about anything
  • Get guidance from our experienced trainers
  • Share your progress and videos
  • Get positive feedback on your training
  • Connect with other like-minded people

In this group you will have access to our experienced trainers who will help you and your horse go from simple tricks to doing amazing things together!

Here are some of the things you will discover in the Horse Tricks Club...

For more info on what is available for you in the Club jump to...

Learn an extraordinary way to communicate with your horse


Inside the Horse Tricks Club, you will learn an extraordinary way of communicating with your horse. 

Your horse will understand what you want them to do and learn new things very quickly because you now have a way to communicate with each other.

When you understand each other, everything becomes easier.

Build a high level of trust with your horse


Trust is so important in your relationship with your horse.  If your horse trusts you, they will look to you for guidance and do whatever you ask. 

Inside the Club are exercises specifically designed to build a high level of trust between you and your horse.  You will trust your horse and they will trust you.  And then anything is possible!

Discover ways to make your groundwork fun


Inside the Club are 100’s of ideas and activities that will bring fun to your Groundwork. 

No more boring Groundwork! You and your horse will really enjoy this training!

You will find that these exercises will really help to develop the connection between you two.

And if your horse is in-tune with you on the ground, it makes everything easier and safer when you ride your horse. 

Teach your horse very useful tricks


Tricks aren’t just for fun.  You can also teach your horse some very useful tricks!

The Club includes step-by-step training for useful tricks, including being calm around scary things, accepting medications, easily loading onto a trailer, coming when called, lining up at the mounting block, putting hoof on a stand and many others. 

Teaching your horse useful tricks makes it safer and more fun to be around your horse.

For more useful tricks you could teach your horse jump to...

BEFORE and AFTER Trick Training

Horses really enjoy this style of training. Their attitude changes as they become keener and more positive to work with their human.

In this video you will see a horse that had been trained the ‘conventional’ way (BEFORE) and then the ‘Trick Training’ way (AFTER). 

What a difference!

What Club members say...


Trick training has been a real game changer. It can be adapted in so many ways and really is great fun for you and your horse! Wonderful friendly group, loads of help and support. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!
Club Member


This group of wonderful people have been amazing, both horse & human changed forever for the better, what more could you want. Horses are more relaxed, willing & curious & humans feel positive, excited & supported. Sooo happy to be a part of this group for the last 2yrs, an absolutely blessing 🙂
Fiona & Opal
Club Members


The partnership I’ve developed with my horses has been amazing! Learning my mares’ minds and practicing with the clickers has been SO fun! My horses love to learn and I’ve had an incredible time teaching them. Highly recommend this!
Club Member


I always wanted to learn more about trick training horses. The first trick we mastered was smile. Monti loves it and neighs at me now whenever I go up to the stables. I used to get 1 neigh at the most but now if I’m taking too long he neighs at me eager to get started. We use trick training on walks too, as it gives him more confidence while away from the field. We love trick training. There’s so much to learn.
Nicola & monti
Club Members









What Club members do...

Here are videos showing just a small sample of what our Horse Tricks Club members can do. 

About the Horse Tricks Club Trainers...


Jain has worked in the horse industry for most of her life. Her jobs include assistant to a top racehorse trainer, trail ride leader, and supervisor at a large equine veterinarian practice.

She studied Advanced Equine Behavior at University and applies the science of how animals learn to all her training.

Jain lives in Australia with various furry and feathered creatures who help her discover the best way to train animals.


Noche grew up riding horses. She was lucky to have a mother who shared her love of horses and always encouraged training with kindness.

She now spends her time retraining horses who have had bad starts in life and helping them learn to enjoy interacting with people again.

Noche lives on a farm with her family in the western US. She enjoys teaching her ranch horses tricks because she has found that trick training makes them happier and better at their jobs.


Ineke was a city girl who came to horses late in life. She was blessed with two horses but wished she could communicate with them. Her world opened up when she found Reward Based Training. She discovered a secret language.

She has since been able to fine-tune her ability to connect with horses. She found that if she listened to and respected the horse, everything else fell into place.

She now enjoys living a quiet rural life in Australia with her herd of four horses. She uses this method to teach everything from husbandry to fun tricks, riding, and agility.

Why is the Horse Tricks Club different?

The Horse Tricks Club isn't the usual standard horse training course and community...

New style of training

We use a new and unique training method. We combine fun and reward-based training to create a program that you and your horse will really enjoy. You will find that your horse will become super keen to learn and work with you.

Training is 100% horse friendly

No ropes or whips. Our training uses only positive and kind methods.

Fun, fun, fun!

We make sure that you and your horse are having lots of fun in the Club.  We believe that happy horses and humans learn faster and better.

Science based training

Not only is this training lots of fun, but it is also based on scientific principles. All our instructors study the latest equine research and apply it all the training.

Teach your horse in just a few minutes per day

This training only takes a few minutes a day. Your horse will actually learn faster and enjoy the training more if you teach them in very short sessions. You can fit these sessions in around your day-to-day horse chores and activities.  We show you how.

No special equipment needed

You don’t have to buy any fancy new horse gadget to teach your horse the tricks in this course.  You will already have most of the equipment you need. We also show you how to make your own equipment and where to get cheap, fun horse toys.

Supportive and safe community

We provide a members-only Facebook group that is incredibly supportive, friendly and kind. You will feel confident to share your ideas and ask questions about anything.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely! The best way for your horse to learn is in short, regular training sessions – five minutes per session, a couple of times a day is perfect.

But even if you only see your horse once a week you can still make good progress.

To make the biggest impact, we suggest you mix trick training with the activities you regularly do with your horse. We show you an easy way to do this in the Academy.

No. Everything is online. You can access the course and group whenever and wherever you want. You can watch the videos and participate in the group from home or take the course with you when you visit your horse on your mobile phone or tablet.

Every animal is welcome in the Horse Tricks Club. 

We have members with horses, ponies, minis, donkeys and mules.

We even have some members training their cows and chickens!

This training works for every type of animal. 

Most courses and books just show experienced trick horses doing the tricks. They don’t show  you how to teach a horse how to do tricks from the very start.

Inside the online course, you’ll have access to videos of horses learning tricks from the very beginning. 

Our members say these videos are very helpful.

You will be able to follow along with your own horse and learn step-by-step how to teach your horse tricks from the start.

Plus you will get lots of support from our experienced trainers in the private Horse Tricks Club Facebook group.

Trick training provides a fun way to build a bond and trustful relationship with your horse. It helps your horse to be more confident and curious around new objects and situations.

We have several members in the Club currently working with rescue horses that have trust issues. They report their horses are responding in a very positive way to trick training.


Yes. We have members from all around the world. Some of the countries include USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Germany and Australia. We are united by our love of horses 🙂

The average age of our members is about 40, but we have many members over 60. 

A lot of members are returning to horses after a break for many years due to their careers and/or raising children.

They are now doing amazing things with their horses!

Most of the training is designed for adults.  We cover concepts that may be hard for children to understand eg horse behavior and learning theory.  However, we have several members that are working through the course with their child. 

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We only open a few times a year

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