Teach Your Horse Clever Things!

A step-by-step online training course with over 100 videos, lessons and ideas for having fun, increasing trust and communication and engaging your horse's brain.

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Why this course is different...


Watch a horse learning from the very beginning

Most courses just show an experienced trick horse doing the tricks. That’s not much help if you are just starting out!  So we show you 'Bella' learning tricks from the very beginning. She didn’t know a single trick when we started. You can see how she learns and follow along with your own horse.

Training is 100% horse friendly

No ropes or whips. Our training uses only positive and kind methods. Your horse will really enjoy this training and spending time with you.

Science based training

Not only is this training lots of fun, but it is also based on scientific principles. Jain has studied Equine Behavior at University level and has applied the current understanding of equine behavior to all the training.

Teach your horse in just a few minutes per day

This training only takes a few minutes a day. Your horse will actually learn faster and enjoy the training more if you teach them in very short sessions.  You can fit these sessions in around your day-to-day horse chores and activities.



No special equipment needed

You don't have to buy any fancy new horse gadget to teach your horse the things in this course.  You will already have most of the equipment you need. We also show you how to make your own equipment and where to get cheap fun horse toys.

Your training materials are yours to keep forever

You can do the training at your own (and your horse’s) pace.  No rush.  You can also come back at any time if you need a refresh. The training will be available for you always.

Money-back guarantee for up to 60 days

We really believe that you and your horse will enjoy this course, but if you decide that don’t want to continue with the course please let us know within 60 days and we will send you a full refund. No questions asked.

You and your horse will have oodles of fun!

Many horse courses are boring and technical.  They require hours of doing the same thing over and over again (yawn!). With this course you will laugh a lot and be amazed at what your horse is capable of learning.

How does it work?


You get instant access to a private members-only website.

Inside are 22+ teaching modules, each with step-by-step training videos (over 100 altogether) and printable guides designed to help you get started right away.

  1. First I will introduce you to Trigger, my experienced trick horse.  You will see him perform the completed trick or activity.
  2. You will then see Bella, my new trick horse, learning the trick or activity from the very beginning.
  3. You then watch the videos that explain the steps to teaching your horse each trick or activity.  There are also printable guides.
  4.  You practice with your own horse (and have lots of fun).

This training makes a difference...

 Horses really enjoy this style of training and become more willing to learn.

Watch this video to see the difference this training has made to Bella's attitude...

Course Details and Description

Course Content:

Module 1: Start Here

Lesson 1: Trick Training Basics
Lesson 2: [DOWNLOAD] Horse Trick Training eBook
Lesson 3: Discover Tricks To Teach Your Horse
Lesson 4: Rules and Safety
Lesson 5: Join the Group / Herd

Module 2: Equipment

Lesson 1: What Equipment You Need
Lesson 2: How To Make A Horse Target
Lesson 3: The Best Treat Holders
Lesson 4: Ideas For Extra Equipment and Toys
Lesson 5: Making Bending Poles

Module 3: Five Steps

Lesson 1: 5 Steps to Teach Your Horse Anything
Lesson 2: How to Use the Training Plans

Module 4: The Marker

Lesson 1: Using A Marker - (the special word or sound)
Lesson 2: The Importance of Timing
Lesson 3: Practice Time - (games to improve your timing skills)

Module 5: Rewards

Lesson 1: What Reward Will You Use? (Treat and Non-Food Ideas)
Lesson 2: Treat Do’s and Don’ts
Lesson 3: Food Manners Training
Lesson 4: Polite Treat Taking with Vicki and her young horse
Lesson 5: Horse Treats eBook
Lesson 6: Treats for over weight horses

Module 6: Getting Ready

Lesson 1: Introducing Our New Trick Horse – ‘Bella’
Lesson 2: How to Do a Trick Training Assessment of You and Your Horse
Lesson 3: Touchy Ears Video
Lesson 4: Filming Yourself
Lesson 5: How To Keep track of Your Progress

Course Content:

Module 7: Building Tricks

Lesson 1: How To Build A Trick
Lesson 2: The 6 Building Blocks in All Training
Lesson 3: Trigger Shows How to Do Them!

Module 8 to 13: The 6 Training Building Blocks

Each Module covers step-by-step instructions and videos on how to teach your horse the 6 Training Building Blocks.

Start by teaching your horse these basic movements and then use them to ask your horse to do just about anything!

Module 14 to 23: Step-by-step Tricks

Lesson 1: Hug
Lesson 2: Kiss
Lesson 3: Twirl
Lesson 4: Tail Backing
Lesson 5: Yes
Lesson 6: Simple Bow
Lesson 7: Fetch
Lesson 8: Come When Called
Lesson 9: Pedestals

Module 24: Helping Your Horse To Be Braver

Lesson 1: Turning Scary Things Into Fun Things
Lesson 2: Introducing New Objects

Module 25: Useful Tricks

Lesson 1: Giving Syringes by Mouth
Lesson 2: Poultice and Bandage Feet
Lesson 3: Put Hoof On a Stand

Module 26: Extras

Lesson 1: Hokey Pokey Dance
Lesson 2: Spelling
Lesson 3: Counting
Lesson 4: Catch
Lesson 5: Throw a Ball
Lesson 6: Choose Different Items

Module 27: Members Videos

Members share what their clever horses are doing!

Here’s a sneak peek inside the Horse Tricks Academy…

Extra Bonuses

    Bonus # 1

    Exclusive Facebook Group

    The Facebook group provides us with a private discussion area where everyone can share ideas, problems, suggestions, videos and pictures.

    There are all sorts of equine owners in the group – people who have mustangs, brumbies, minis, donkeys, thoroughbreds, standardbreds, quarter horses, arabs, paints and many more (of all shapes and sizes!).

    Some members are just beginning to teach their horse tricks while others are trying more advanced tricks. But, everyone provides a lot of encouragement and ideas to the group.

    It’s a very friendly place and I hope you will join us today and introduce yourself (and your horse).

    Bonus # 2

    Copies of our two eBooks (value $10.00)

    Included in your Membership to the Horse Tricks Academy are free copies of our two ebooks:

    Horse Trick Training – How To Get Started (value $7.00)

    A simple, easy-to-read, 50 page eBook that will show you everything you need to know to get started with trick training (includes links to training videos).

    Horse Trick Treats (value $3.00)

    Inside this ebook are lots of ideas for treats that you can use for your trick training. We have also include recipes for special baked treats to use when your horse does something extra clever

    What others have to say...

    This takes so little time & has such a huge benefit, that I’m teaching him all I can! Thanks for your information!!


    I am truly astounded how she’s coming back to me repeatedly because she used to be hard to catch and showed anxiety when she was caught or even when I went in her stall. Yeah for trick training!


    Excellent videos! I ran right over to the stable to give it a try. Fun! Fun!


    This trick training is a perfect new thing for us since I can’t ride her yet. I can see how it will just bond us even closer. Love it.


    We invite you to join the Horse Tricks Academy for up to 60 days.  Have a good look inside the member’s area. Watch the videos.  Start teaching your horse something new.  And, if you aren't 100% happy with the course just send us a quick email before 60 days and we will refund 100% of your money. 

    No question is too silly

    There is always help available via email or through our Facebook group for Members of the Horse Tricks Academy (see Bonus #1).

    I really encourage all our Members to ask lots of questions. Most of the time if you get stuck or aren’t sure about something a quick email to me (or Trigger) will provide you with the advice that will get you training again.

    Chances are we’ve been right where you are during our early training!


    • q-iconI have limited time to spend with my horse. Will I still be able to teach him tricks?

      Yes, absolutely! The best way for your horse to learn is in short, regular training sessions – five minutes per session, a couple of times a day is perfect.

      To make the biggest impact, I suggest you mix trick training with the activities you regularly do with your horse. We show you an easy way to do this.

    • q-iconIs there a time limit to finish the course?

      You have as long as you want. Once you join you can start straight away or wait until you have more time. You will always have access to the course and any future training that is added. Just go at the pace that suits you and your horse.

    • q-iconI’ve tried to teach my horse tricks before but haven’t been successful. Why would this course be any different?

      When I first began trying to teach my horses tricks, I bought every book and video available. It was a frustrating experience because most of the courses and books just showed experienced trick horses doing the tricks. They didn’t tell me how to teach my horse (a complete trick beginner) to do tricks from the very start.

      Inside the Horse Tricks Academy, you’ll watch videos of Bella, my newest horse, as she learns tricks from the very beginning. You will see her making mistakes, trying different things and finally working out what I want. Our members say these videos are very helpful. You will be able to follow along with your own horse and learn step-by-step how to teach your horse tricks from the very beginning.

    • q-iconDo I need special equipment?

      You probably have most of the equipment you need to get started: a long lead rope, a halter and some treats. That’s it!

      Later, you can add toys and extra equipment, but most of these are cheap and available from your local toy or produce store (we provide lots of ideas for extra, fun, training equipment in the Horse Tricks Academy).

    • q-iconMy horse is very nervous and worried about new things. Would trick training be suitable for him?

      Trick training provides a fun way to build a bond and trustful relationship with your horse. It helps your horse to be more confident and curious around new objects and situations.

      We have a few members in the Horse Tricks Academy currently working with rescue horses that struggle with trust issues. They report their horses are responding in a very positive way to trick training.

    • q-iconI have taught my horse a few simple tricks but we keep getting stuck and I’m not sure what to do. Can you help with this?

      Yes, absolutely! Trigger and I would love to help because we have many ideas and experience for getting “unstuck.”

      We also have an active Facebook group where members share videos, photos, ideas and solutions. I can also be reached via email.

      Chances are, if you are feeling ‘stuck’ with your training, that I’ve been where you are and will have some ideas and suggestions that will help.

    Don’t see your question answered here…

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the Contact Page if we haven’t answered a question you have.

    Get on the Wait List

    The Horse Tricks Academy is only open for new members a few times a year.  To be notified as soon as we open the doors again, enter your name and email below…