The LEVELS are designed to lead members through the Horse Tricks Academy course in a way that is fun and motivating for you and your horse.


At each LEVEL, members have…

  • Completed study (finish reading and watching specific lessons in the Academy course).
  • Tested their knowledge with quiz questions.
  • Shown that they, and their horse, can meet the requirements for that LEVEL. This will usually involve sharing a video of them doing the activity.

Once they completed all the requirements for the LEVEL they receive…

  • Lots of praise 🙂
  • A listing on this board
  • A ribbon

LEVEL ONE focuses on how to train using positive reinforcement (+R), treat manners, and teaching your horse to target (calmly touch different items).

You will build your connection and develop a language that will enable you to communicate clearly with your horse.

Members who are  LEVEL ONE trainers…

Congratulations to you all.  You are all stars!

LEVEL TWO focuses on using positive reinforcement (+R) to teach your horse to wait and stand calmly ON an object. 

You can use this training as the basis for many other tricks (eg pedestal work).  

This LEVEL will improve your skills at teaching your horse calmness, patience and to look to you for guidance.

Members who are LEVEL TWO trainers…
(These members have passed all the requirements of Level One and Level Two.)

Congratulations to you all.  You are all stars!

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