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Lower Head Training

LOWER HEAD is one of the 6 Foundations of trick training.  You can use this simple movement to teach your horse lots of tricks.

In this video I am asking Bella to lower her head from a distance.  I wanted to see how far away I could get! 🙂

I am also really pleased with how well she has learnt another trick foundation – WAIT.

  • Start by teaching your horse to lower his (or her) head.
  • Just ask for small downward movements to begin with.   Reward your horse for small tries.
  • Add a cue of pointing down when you ask your horse to lower his head.
  • Teach your horse to wait.
  • In the beginning just ask your horse to wait for very short periods of time.
  • Gradually increase the time he must wait before you give him the Marker and a reward.
  • Start to move away from your horse and ask him to wait.
  • Gradually increase the distance that you move away from your horse.
  • Once your horse will lower his head when you point down, then just work on increasing the distance.
  • Have fun 🙂