Format: eBook (40 pages) + links to online videos + weekly Activity Sheets

Do you want lots of fun, interesting and different activities that you and your horse will love!

This eBook (40 pages) and the weekly Activity Sheets, contain lots of easy activities that are specially designed so you can create a wonderful bond with your horse.

Included are step-by-step videos and printables.  You will also receive a FREE horse treat eBook.

Absolutely anyone can do them and they only take a few minutes a day.

Begin today. Just pick your favorite activity from the eBook and try it out.

We guarantee it will make you and your horse very happy!


HORSE TREATS EBOOK:  Includes simple treats and special baked treats you can make for your horse.

WEEKLY ACTIVITY SHEETS: Each week we will email you a 5-10 page mini eBook with a new activity.

These Weekly Sheets contain even more ideas for new, interesting and different activities that you can do with your horse.

They include step-by-step instructions, links to videos and printables.

Imagine receiving a new horse activity every week that will strengthen your special bond with your horse!

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Horse Tricks Academy

Format: Online trick training with videos and step-by-step instructions


A step-by-step online training course with over 100 videos, lessons and ideas for having fun with your horse.  This course shows you how to teach your horse simple tricks in a way that is 100% horse friendly.  This training also helps you to build the bond with your horse + it is lots of fun!

BONUS: Receive FREE copies of the Horse Trick Training eBook and the Horse Trick Treats eBook as part of your membership when you join the Horse Tricks Academy ($10 value).

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