Ride your horse at liberty using tricks

You can use the same method to teach your horse tricks AND ride them at liberty (without a bridle).

In these photos, Ineke uses the trick ‘touch’ (one of the tricks in your Trick Guide) and 2 targets to guide Honey.

All you need is the following equipment…

1. A foot target (the mat) to help your horse understand where to stand.
2. A hand target (the fly swatter) to guide their direction.

You can purchase both these items very cheaply online or in shops, or you may already have them.

Targets can really speed up your training and boost your horse’s confidence as they don’t have to spend time guessing what they need to do.  Targets can clearly tell your horse where to stand and where to go.

Target training is also very beneficial if you choose to not ride but want to do some fun groundwork with your horse.

Have fun. Create an amazing bond with your horse ❤️
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