Shareable and Loveable Posts TOOLS


There are a few tools that you will need to help you create shareable and loveable posts on Facebook.

The absolute basics you will need are:

  • An image editing program.
  • A source of images.
  • A program for keeping track of quotes and ideas.
  • A program for creating a posting calendar.

Some of these you may already have on your computer but there are also many good free tools on the internet.  Although most of them have excellent features for free you may choose to upgrade to the paid versions if you find them really useful.

Below are my current recommendations plus a free posting calendar and ideas recorder I created especially for readers of this eBook:


Most computers come with a simple image editing program.  You will need to be able to resize your images and add text.

However, if you want to use a good online program I can recommend Canva.


Canva allows you to easily create meme and quote posts for Facebook. They have a large library of images and fonts.  I’ve upgraded to the paid version because I use it so much now but I happily used the free version for a long time.



Canva has a large amount of images you can use but here are some extra sites that have free images:






You will most likely have a spreadsheet program on your computer (such as Excel).  This will help you stay organized and capture ideas you have.

Or you can use this free document I created especially for readers of this eBook:

Here is a link to a Google document that includes two resources:

Quote / Ideas Recorder
A place where you can capture quotes and ideas that you can use for your posts.

Posting Calendar
A posting calendar for one month.  You can use the exact suggestions or play around with it and add your own.