Simple steps to start trick training

The simple steps to start trick training…

You only need to practice for a few minutes a day to see real progress. Start with something simple and then build on that.

A few weeks from now your horse could be doing some really clever tricks and you will have developed a better relationship.

Here are the first steps to getting started with horse trick training…

1. Find a REWARD to give your horse when s/he does something right. This needs to be something your horse absolutely loves (scratches, treats).

2. Pick a MARKER (a word or sound) that you will use to tell your horse the instant they do the right thing.  This makes it much easier for your horse to learn what you want.

3. Choose a simple TRICK you will teach your horse first. Teaching your horse to touch an object with their nose is a really good start. You can then use this trick to build lots of other tricks like fetch and painting, and useful tricks like approaching things that your horse finds scary.

Here’s a quick video of Bella learning ‘touch’…


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