Stand / Wait – Part 2


Teaching Bella ‘Stand’ – First Lessons

This video shows Bella being introduced to the mat. She is very interested in it and enjoys pawing it.

Let your horse really explore and sniff the mat. This is good training to help your horse get used to things around their feet.

If your horse is worried about approaching the mat, make it as small as possible and ask them to just ‘touch’ it with their nose. Give them the Marker and a reward when they do. Then gradually lower it to the ground asking them to touch it on the ground.

Work on getting your horse very relaxed around the mat before asking them to stand on it.

Then when your horse is comfortable and relaxed with the mat, unfold it a bit and ask them to put just one foot on the mat. Then unfold it further and ask for two feet on the mat and then all four.


This video is part of the training included with the Horse Trick Training (How To Get Started) ebook.

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