Stand / Wait – Part 3


Teaching Bella ‘Stand’ – More Lessons

In this video I am asking Bella to get on the mat by just pointing at it and asking her to follow a target on to it.

The more things that you can ask your horse to stand on the better.  Once they are happy to walk on to something simple like a mat try other things.  For example, teaching your horse to walk onto a solid plank of wood will help them get used to standing on a wooden pedestal, walking up a wooden ramp or over a wooden bridge.

You can also very gradually increase the height of the object. For example, put down two solid planks of wood and ask your horse to get onto that.  This is really good pre-training for pedestal work.

Just make sure that any object you ask your horse to stand on is solid, stable and non-slip.  Your horse will lose confidence if the object breaks, moves or they slip in the beginning.  Later on in your training you can teach your horse to stand on moving objects like a see-saw.


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