Stand / Wait – Part 4


Teaching ‘Wait’

Once your horse is happy to stand on a few different objects start to increase the time that they ‘wait’ on the object.

Horses understand the idea of ‘wait’ better if they wait ON something.

This video explains how to do this.

Just work on one criteria at a time – either moving further away OR asking your horse to ‘wait’ for longer.

If you choose to move further away start by just taking one step back and if you horse doesn’t move then give them the Marker straight away and step quickly back to them to give them their reward.  Then try taking two steps back, then three… etc…

If you want to increase the time that they ‘wait’ then stay near them and ask them to ‘wait’ for just half a second.  Give them the Marker if they don’t move and a reward.  Then ask them to wait a little bit longer (just a second). Then gradually increase the time that you ask them to wait.


This video is part of the training included with the Horse Trick Training (How To Get Started) ebook.

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