Stand / Wait – Introduction


‘Stand / Wait’ is a very useful trick to teach your horse.  It is really worth spending time teaching your horse this trick.  It has many, many, many uses…


It can be used to teach your horse to stand on a pedestal or other objects or to stay in position for a trick, for example ‘Hug’.

Teach your horse to ‘wait’ and they will stand still for procedures such as worming or for the farrier and it also helps teach them patience.

An extra bonus of teaching this trick is that if your horse gets a fright they are much more likely to stand still, rather than running away.


There are two parts to this trick…

1. STAND – Teach your horse to STAND on something.

2. WAIT – Teach your horse to STAND on something for a length of time.

Horses understand the idea of ‘waiting’ better if they wait ON something.


You can ask your horse to stand on a variety of things.  These include:

  • Door mat
  • Piece of carpet
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Banner
  • Thin mattress
  • Plank of wood

The more types of objects you can teach your horse to stand on, the better. They will become more confident at walking onto different types of surfaces and it will really help if you want to teach your horse to get up on a pedestal.

Just make sure that anything you ask your horse to stand on is stable, strong and non-slip. 



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