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  • Video 1: DISCOVER TRICKS to teach your horse (HINT: your horse might already do something that could be turned into a trick)
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  • Video 3: Find out which are the BEST TRICKS to teach your horse (by completing a trick training assessment)
  • Extras: Get ideas for FUN TRICKS that your horse will really enjoy!
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This takes so little time & has such a huge benefit, that I’m teaching him all I can! Thanks for your information.


Excellent videos! I ran right over to the stable to give it a try. Fun! Fun!


I am truly astounded how she’s coming back to me repeatedly because she used to be hard to catch and showed anxiety when she was caught or even when I went in her stall. Yeah for trick training!


This trick training is a perfect new thing for us since I can’t ride her yet. I can see how it will just bond us even closer. Love it.