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Teaching Your Horse Tricks Step By Step

Horses learn much quicker and are less likely to get confused if you teach them in small steps rather than attempting a trick all at once. If you want to teach your horse a trick (or anything else), think about the final result you want, then try and break the trick into as many smaller […]

Tricks your horse already does

Your horse may already do tricks or he may do something that can be turned into a trick. Watch them and think about what they do naturally each day, especially around feeding time or when you are grooming them.  Could this form part of a trick?  It makes it much easier to teach a trick […]

Stage Fright And Trick Training In Front Of Friends

A common problem when you first start showing off your horse’s new tricks is ‘Stage Fright’. It goes like this…..Your horse performs a trick perfectly and promptly when it’s just you and him (or her). But tell some friends what a wonderful trick horse you have, invite them around for a demo and it’s almost […]

Where would your horse rather be?

It’s hard to admit but a few years ago I realized that most of the horses I had owned would rather be in a large field, eating grass with their horse friends, than being ridden or working with me. Now I understand why. I used to catch my horse, groom him, saddle him, ride him, […]

Horse personalities and Trick Training

I read an old book recently and it talks about horse personalities and how a different style of training is required for each type.  I think it is important to find out what type of horse you are working with so you can adjust the way you train to suit the horse’s personality. The book talked […]

Trust and Training

One of the most important things …  and this is something that you must teach your horse, is to TRUST you. If your horse is worried that you will hurt him or make him do things that may put him in danger, you won’t have a willing partner.  Your horse needs to be relaxed and […]

[FAQ] Is My Horse Too Old To Learn Tricks?

Just had someone ask me: “Is my horse too old to learn tricks?” Well, let’s have a chat about it, with our star, Trigger, as our guiding example! Meet Trigger, a charming 18-year-old who recently began his trick training journey. Starting at 18, you may think he’s a bit late to the game, but let […]