Have fun. Create an amazing bond with your horse.

Club Challenges

Every few months, we run a fun Challenge in the Horse Tricks Club.


Training and support

All our members work together to teach their horses a new trick.

We provide step-by-step training videos to help with the Challenge, plus lots of support and fun in the private Facebook group.

We make sure that all the Challenges are something that every member (beginners and advanced) can do.


Previous Challenges

Challenges that members have joined include:

  • Touch
  • Ring a Bell
  • Twirl
  • Smile


Become a star!

We then create a video of all our members and their horses doing the trick. We post the video on the Horse Tricks 101 Facebook page (over 100,000 followers!) and our YouTube channel.


Touch Challenge

Here are some of our wonderful members doing the ‘Touch Challenge’.

Touch is such a useful trick! It can help a horse approach all sorts of different and scary things…