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Horse Tricks Club Members 'Touch' Challenge

Every few months, we spice things up in the Horse Tricks Club with an exciting Challenge!

Our Challenges are designed to be fun, engaging, and, most importantly, enriching for both you and your horse.

You’ll find all the detailed, step-by-step training you need for each Challenge in our online course.

And don’t worry, our supportive community and seasoned trainers are always ready to offer guidance in our private group, ensuring you and your horse can shine through the Challenge with ease.

Become a star!

If you are a member and want to become a star, let us know and we add you to the members video. We post this video on the Horse Tricks 101 Facebook page (over 100,000 followers!) and our YouTube channel.

Touch Challenge

Here are some of our wonderful Horse Tricks Club members doing the ‘Touch Challenge’.

Mastering the ‘Touch’ trick is not just fun; it’s incredibly practical, helping your horse become more curious and confident around new or scary objects.