Training Planners


Training Planners can be used to record any new trick or behavior you would like your horse to perform.

Just fill in the START of the trick or behavior

then the final GOAL

and finally the STEPS in between.

1. START by thinking about a behavior that your horse already does that might be the beginning of the trick and write that in.

It is easier to build on behavior that your horse already does, rather than starting from scratch.

For example if I wanted to teach my horse to fetch and she likes to touch or pick up her brushes when I am grooming her, then I would write this in. I could build on this behavior, by adding a cue when she touches or picks up her brush and then reward her.

2. Next fill in your final GOAL. What does the trick look like when it is complete? This gives you a clear picture of where you are heading.

Using the example of fetch I would write something like: “I will throw a ball and my horse will walk to it, pick it up and bring it back to me.”

3. Then finally fill in the STEPS to get to your goal. The smaller each step is, the easier it will be for your horse to learn the trick.

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