Treat Manners – Lesson 1

Treat Manners Training – Lesson 1 with ‘Hieldorf’

In this video Hieldorf is learning how to behave around treats.

Like all horses will do, he is searching his person to see where the food comes from. If we feed him while he is searching he will learn that this is how he gets food.

If we wait until he stops looking for food and turns his head away, he will learn that food comes when he stands still looking forward and this action will be repeated.

If he were searching (mugging) in a way that could lead to injury, was over enthusiastic or biting, then it would be safest to move to protective contact (have the horse stand on one side of the fence while we stand on the other). That way we can easily stay out of reach until the horse learns they do not get food by assaulting the person.

The steps to teach your horse good treat manners are:

  1. Wait for your horse to move his head away from you and the treats.
  2. The instant that his head is in the correct position give him the marker (click) and a reward.
  3. Always feed where you would like your horse’s head to be.

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