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[CHECKLIST] 16 Useful Horse Tricks

There are so many useful tricks you can teach your horse. Many of these ‘tricks’ are best taught BEFORE you actually need them (like bandaging and foot baths).

You can teach your horse these ‘useful tricks’ using the same principles as any other trick.

Check these off as you teach them to your horse. If you complete all 16 items, your horse will be safer, easier, and more fun to be around.  🙂

  1. Sprays – accept being sprayed with an aerosol or pump spray bottle
  2. Bandaging – stand still while any part of their body is being bandaged
  3. Footbath – stand still with a foot in a bucket of water (useful in case of foot abscesses)
  4. Hosing – accept being hosed all over
  5. De-worming – accept a de-worming tube in the mouth
  6. Scary objects – go forward and touch scary (but harmless) objects (eg letterboxes, rubbish bins)
  7. Food manners – be well behaved around food
  8. Hoof cleaning – easily lift hoof and hold up for cleaning
  9. Farrier training – place hoof on hoof stand and stand still
  10. Easy to catch – come running when called and lower their head for halter
  11. Leading – walk calmly beside person without any pressure on the lead rope
  12. Stop – stop when the person stops without tension on the lead rope
  13. Wait – stand still and wait without being tied up
  14. Gates / tight spaces – walk calmly through gates and tight spaces
  15. Saddle – calmly accept a saddle
  16. Trailer – walk calmly onto a trailer



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