Have fun. Create an amazing bond with your horse.

This little game is designed to test your skills at using a Marker at the correct time and providing rewards to the horse.

A Marker is a word or sound that ‘marks’ the exact moment that a horse performs the correct behavior.

To teach any new behavior to a horse you:

1. Ask the horse to do something (using physical and/or verbal cues).

2. Mark the correct behavior (with a word or sound).  The correct behavior in this game is when the horse is jumping UP.

3. Give the horse a reward after the Marker.  In this game carrots are the reward.

Using the Marker

It is REALLY important to tell your horse the exact moment that they are doing the right thing.  The Marker is a good way of doing this.

For example if I want my horse to put their head down and they start to lower their head I want to tell them as they are performing this behavior. So as their head is going DOWN I give them a Marker.  If I am a bit slow and give the Marker as their head is coming UP they will then think that I want them to bring their head up.

A lot of people use treats to train their horses but without a Marker this can cause problems.  The horse will just follow the treats and some horses can become nippy and pushy.  Your horse needs to understand that they will only get a treat AFTER they hear the Marker.

A Marker can be a sound – I click my tongue – other people use a mechanical clicker or a short, distinct word like ‘Bing!’ or “Yes!”


Click anywhere on the screen as the horse is going UP.

If you click at the right time, you will get a star that says ‘Well done’.  

Then just give the horse some carrots to have another go.

Score 10 points within 80 seconds to win 🙂

You can reset the timer at anytime.  Click HELP if you need more instructions.

Have fun!

CLICK the image below to get started